Drunk Make-Up – Venus-Neptune?

I am often found looking for helpful tips from youtube for makeup and hair for my sister’s wedding coming up. My diet is going really well (thanks Sun-Saturn in transit). I found this funny video of a girl doing her make-up while drunk. I wondered if she had a transit of Venus over Neptune perhaps on that day, or just a Neptune moment.

I am only blaming Neptune because of its lure to glamour, drunkedness, and loss of self control. Venus rules beauty, the power of attraction and what we value aesthetically or artistically. Many of the great beauties have Venus in contact to Neptune prominently: Marilyn Monroe and Pamela Anderson for instance. The thing is if I am getting ready sober it takes longer to do my make-up, and if I am drinking and applying the goo on my face I suddenly don’t care and think I am gorgeous (drunk goggles) and can’t wait to get out.