Scorpio on Google

I was on tumblr browsing through astrology subjects and found this picture about some of the Google terms people typed in for Scorpio and decided to pin it on my pinterest account. I then stupidly decided to do the same for Pisces (my own sign) and the most popular Google results are below.

Why are Pisces men so mean?
Why are Pisces women so crazy? 
Why are Pisces men so distant?

What’s all the shade about Pisces women and calling them crazy? I see the funny side of it and it is interesting to see how the signs are being perceived, but why the meanness when nearly all the astrology books call us the the quintessential female :-P. The ultimate symbol of femininity, and we no doubt share this trait with lunar females (Cancer) of the zodiac. However, people tended to Google: Why are Cancer women so attractive?

Go on, Google your own sign and see if it’s more flattering ;-p.


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