Full Moon March 2015

Full Moon March 2015

The Full Moon on March 2015 is at 14 Virgo and brings along a sense of thoughtful direction, as we are surveying the orderly realm and sorting the wheat from the chaff. We now enter a period of cleaning, thriftiness and rationality.

The Full Moon here can dance with the elements of life that involve order, and how things fit together with an emotional sense of questioning and exploration of the physical world. Being the most nit-picky, critical and analytic lunar placement we can wade ourselves in spotting flaws in the environment and pointing them out so that they can be corrected. The lunar body has a deeply subconscious pull on our inner being, in the exact same way it pulls on the tides. It also impacts us on every level of feeling imaginable, taking us into our inner-fantasies and deep within. The Moon in astrology governs those processes in the psyche, which are inaccessible and hidden from consciousness, so there will always be a darker element in its biological rhythms and the night luminary always dies every month and is reborn.

Full Moon times are useful for rounding things out to full completion. In a sense, something comes to an end, ready for a brand new phase to begin. A time for harvest and for crafting life into something workable is especially potent when the Moon is in the sign of Virgo as it is a great time for de-cluttering and re-organising our personal spaces. The seeds we planted when we were feeling an emotional tone and felt more spiritual begins to give way and we are now inclined to take on a brand new focus. The whole Virgo-Pisces axis swings between the little servant and the big servant. Pisces serves the larger collective and Virgo serves us our daily bread and sustains the individual at work. The Queen of the Night vacillating upon this opposition is between the sea and the land.

Full Moon in February 2015 Meaning

This Moon will be a great time to prepare for a some cleaning, dieting and a new health routine to help cleanse the body – washing away all the accumulated dirt in our systems. The constant inner-nagging voice of reason is usually much more powerful at this time, enabling us to fix what is broken and to restore our emotional and mental well-being. It can bring in a more conscious focus to life and allow us to discriminate and use our more down-to-earth senses. A Virgo Moon brings with it the soul of the writer, editor and secretary allowing us to impart knowledge, but also to compartmentalize, and show us a style of doing things that is far more proficient. The Full Moon is ready to give birth and is at bursting point, and it has a similar feeling to pregnancy. On the one hand, we have had enough, but we are also in preparation and anticipation ready for new events to unfold.

Virgo is the measurer, clock-maker; accountant type of energy, but with it is also an automatic compulsion for self-criticism, judging, perfectionism and a worrying nature. The Full Moon seduces us and looms all of the above issues large into our life. Of course, we might also expect some lunacy around all of the Virgoan characteristics listed. People may react strongly to the mind-body and soul needing balance. However, earthy Moons also tend to maintain and aim to stabilize. One astrologer described the Moon when full as being as destructive as the atom bomb or it can be no more than a firecracker being set-off at a party. The emotional tides felt at the previous watery New Moon (Pisces) will look for grounding and a practical Full Moon (Virgo) will always bring things to fruition.

We are, of course, still in the feminine polarity and there is a necessary coolness and observation occurring, steady application, and some independent thought striking through. The self-help sign of Virgo can also turn us more introspective bringing the inner hermit, analysing our problems for long periods and working out how to solve a situation. The house of the Full Moon at Virgo 14 degrees will be important to understand where this Moon will illume itself intelligently in our life, and help us work out any bad habits, emotional problems, or basically help us to sort-it-out.