Horoscope August 2015: What is the Luckiest Day?

horoscope august 2015
Astrology Zone’s Susan Miller’s video for the horoscope of August 2015 looks super professional, and I am really loving the look of this studio for astrology. The chart on Astrodatabank for Susan lists Uranus rising in Gemini. The sign of the twins is great for communication, media and writing and Uranus is related to computers, technology, internet and astrology.


 “I have Gemini rising, which means publishing, and I’m a Pisces, which is philosophical. My moon is in Virgo, which explains my voluminous manuscripts” (“A WEB OF STARS ASTROLOGY AND THE INTERNET SEEM TO BE A MATCH MADE IN THE HEAVENS” by Lisa Napoli (New York Times)

“I have Gemini rising… But I have Aquarius on my midheaven…”  “You have Uranus rising the same way I do.” (“Is It Time For Us To Take Astrology Seriously?”

The luckiest day falls on August 26th, my partner’s birthday. You can find your personal lucky days when transiting Sun or Venus conjuncts natal Jupiter, these have always worked incredibly well in my life. Jupiter transits to those planets, but, in general, good Jupiter days are lucky, fun, filled with humour, and sometimes lots of food and drink.

Horoscope August 2015 Susan Miller