The Site Move

3190009.pngThe site move came with lots of hiccups. At first, it seemed, well, seamless. However, if I changed anything in the backroom of ‘temperamental WordPress’ and if it thought the code was funny I got the white screen of death along with everybody else. I have been on to my Host to fix it twice and, then, it was doing all other kinds of glitchy things and driving me crazy.

My life seems to need obstacles. I read once that if you take a risk, move in a different direction, the challenges come heading in thick and fast, some last testing of my mettle, who knows. Anyway, things seem to have settled, however, I cannot access emails on my Host. Of course, I have the proper email and password and it will just not accept it. Tonight or tomorrow I will phone up again and attempt to read my hate mail, hopefully not all mean letters, but must grow thicker skin is my permanent mantra. Anyway, thank you to all subscribers, hopefully, things continue a little more smoothly. Since the change, it is like I have permanent bricks sitting on my back. Seriously, with my Sun opposite Saturn/rising there was always the chance of possible back trouble. I checked in the mirror a few times in case there were actual bricks or Saturn. I am massaging my back constantly trying to free myself from this knotty feeling. I take it is the psychic pressure and stress of everything, so feeling the weight.