Neptune: Fairyland

neptune and fairytales

Question: Is Neptune associated with the world of fairy tales?

Neptune was found in 1846 in a country far away, in a kingdom of pink castles, handsome princes, and general dreaminess. The planet swiftly established itself as the legitimate ruler of Pisces, the zodiacal sign associated with the most expansive imagination. We were welcomed into this vast and beautiful realm, as well as into a life full of mystery and intrigue. Is this the place where all of your dreams come true? Or, instead, the greatest magical deception ever perpetrated on the human race?

 Our journey into the realm of mermaids, unicorns, and other imagined and mythological creatures begins here, in this vast FANTASY dreamt up by Neptune. It is impossible to return to reality because the colours are beautiful, the sentiments overpowering, and the sensations are overwhelming. Fairy stories, even those that are made up, can have a narcotic effect on the reader.

Is Neptune truly brainwashing us with his flowery nonsense?

As much as we are all susceptible to being taken in by a fairy-tale romance, it is unfortunately true that on occasion the charming man who carried us into our dreams morphs into an alcoholic. When we finally have our happily ever after, the picture fades to dark and the credits begin to roll. If we keep the cameras rolling for a bit longer, we will frequently see that the image gets fuzzy, broken, and confusing. In the following reel, our fantasy has been transformed into a tragedy, and the reverie has vanished. In the terrestrial domain, the Mesuline (Neptune) is unable to remain on dry soil for lengthy periods of time and swims away, leaving us with broken dreams. The spell is broken, carriages turn back into pumpkins, and a pot of gold transforms into stone.

Neptune likes glamor. Where Neptune touches a planet in our chart we want what that planet expresses to be expressed in the most glamorous way possible. A definition for glamour is: magic, enchantment, spell…a delusive or alluring charm. Described in this way, the idea of glamour conjures up fairy tales, a world where there are kings and queens, princes and princesses. Spells and fairy godmothers and the like. Fairy stories, fantasies, television, film, music, all these things distance us from the horror of reality. They allow an escape route and Neptune is a significator for them all.” By Sue Tompkins Aspects in Astrology: A Guide to Understanding Planetary Relationships in the Horoscope