Disappearing Post? – Mercury-Neptune

I posted the article on the hard aspects are “bad” on Tuesday. I was off for two days. I was knackered by Wednesday because my dog had to be put to sleep on Sunday. Her health worsened out of the blue. It was a real emotional shock. I visited my mother on Thursday as she wanted to meet up. I returned today and found the post had vanished. Checked in drafts and there was no sign of it. I even rolled back the days on the website to return it to the status of an earlier date and yet there was still no post. Maybe it’s a website glitch, but hopefully, it doesn’t disappear again. Or I will be back onto my website host.

I checked the transits. Mercury is in Sagittarius in exact square to Neptune in Pisces. Transiting Mercury does land on my natal Neptune with an orb of 6 degrees. I always thought the smaller transits needed tiny orbs of up to 3 degrees. I do have the aspect natally. In astrology, Neptune rules all mysterious vanishings, confusions, and strange activities that leave us feeling bewildered. Mercury rules all forms of communication – writing, and so forth. Now, I’m usually not one for writing about the minor transits or what’s happening in the sky right now but, needless to say, they are always obvious in some of our day-to-day dramas.