I have been in a horrible place mentally or spiritually. I am trying to work my way through it. I ‘ve never been this depressed about things. I am trying to have a wellness period, refocus on myself (or maybe I should not focus on myself as much, that could be the problem), and pay attention to the good stuff. I need to stop my mind running to negative places. I am way too harsh on myself and super sensitive. I remember the astrologer C.E.O Carter saying once that a lot of Saturn and Neptune in a chart is a difficult combo (I have lots of Saturn and Neptune). It’s difficult because you are too sensitive for this world (Neptune) and yet at the same time are faced with the challenges of hardship even more and then there is that self-critical or nature (Saturn) or harshness from others. However, these two planets can balance each other because they are opposite in nature. I just seriously need to grow some thicker skin. Funnily enough, I have now developed eczema on my eyelids and have nice crusty lids and patches of hard skin all over the place. Hmmm kind of weird. I already deal with some redness on a long term basis. It’s a fun time.

Anyway, back to keep my mind off myself. I am in the mood to look through all my astrology books – old and new – and collect 100 astrological tidbits. I read a couple of funny astro-bits from Stephen Arroyo on Venus in Virgo and Mars in Gemini and it made me laugh. It might not make those with these placements laugh. But I think we can all laugh at ourselves, so I think you’ll like it. I should do that more. Also, there was an interesting Venus in 5th house quote that got me all mad (not really) because the fire Venus’ seem to have the most fun with this placement apparently. I have Venus in Capricorn 5th so I am more businesslike in affairs of the heart, with children and creative pursuits. I guess for making something lasting, it’s kinda alright. I have new books I haven’t looked at. So let’s see what’s in there. I have some books on my kindle as well and on my android.

I don’t know how long this will take me. All day probably. No bed until posted. It gives me something to redirect my energies towards. Something I love. This will give a little break from synastry and then on Saturday and Sunday I will do Mercury-Mars and Mercury-Jupiter, some lively combinations. It will be nice to complete the whole series.

All the best, Julie