Quick Update

I have had my little one off for two weeks nearly. A normal holiday and an extra week added by the school. I also just had a diarrhea bug from hell that lasted about five days. So I am trying to get back to a normal routine. Today I want a have a quick look at the theory that Venus-Neptune women have multiple relationships. I have a lot of Neptune connected to my 7th house and I end up with lying, neglectful, selfish men. So I have sympathy for these women who just can’t find a good man haha! Just ranting. I have to try and be objective. I’ll try my best. On Sunday I will add more content from my notebooks to posts on the website. Monday I will be back to normal. I am looking to finish my Pluto transits through the houses, so maybe that’s what I’ll start around this time.

All the best, Julie

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