Heartbreaking Weekend

I had such a heartbreaking weekend. The little kitten that I got under that lovely Venus trine Venus died on Sunday morning. I guess the good transits don’t protect you forever. The challenging transits don’t last either. The kitty was absolutely gorgeous and was super loving. I miss her loads. I only got to know her for a few days. It would break my heart to get another kitten, so I ‘ve decided to wait for a couple of months and then I will get a rescue cat that’s been abandoned, abused or neglected. I especially love timid and scared cats, maybe it’s due to my own social anxiety around people, there’s understanding and recognition. Those types of cats are like my soul sisters. My partner had the transiting Moon opposite his Pluto when he found the kitten. I currently have the transiting Moon through my 8th and coming up to oppose Pluto. You all know by now the heavyweight nature of the emotions and the themes it can relate to with those transits. I am not in the mood to overanalyze it.

Anyways, I will update some posts today and I will post something new tomorrow. I usually take Wednesdays and Saturdays off and post on the other days. Usually Sunday has been my post update date.

It was the best week ever that ended the worst. It was my son’s birthday on Saturday and we had a new kitten early on in the week and then we got rid of our car for decent money, more than expected. And then the end of the week was just horrible. I do keep losing my pets, I’ve lost 4 in the last couple of years, but three were due to old age. I accepted it. I had planned to buy this little kitten a cute jungle gym type of thing for cats and was looking forward to Christmas with her. Instead, I had to throw away her little pink litter tray and dishes and toys because it was too painful to see them. Life really does just suck sometimes.

All the best, Julie