Updated Posts

Here are this week’s updates. Also once I ‘ve updated posts I have been switching the comments section on. So you can leave a comment if you want or just leave it as it is. You might want to say that Steve Avery is a killer and you are glad he is locked up and that astrology proved it. Or that he is innocent and astrology has proved it. I’m stuck in an in-between state with this case. Or you could tell everybody what an angel you are with Jupiter in the 12th. Actually, since transiting Neptune conjuncted my Moon I watch cat rescues a lot and sit there sobbing my eyes out. I want to home every kitty in trouble. I’m an angel too ;-p Or maybe you’ve suffered or known someone who has endured the darker emotions of Moon-Pluto. Maybe you are a naturally fiery emotional person with Moon-Mars and can offer tips from experience of what to do to handle the blaze. I have Moon in Pisces square Neptune so I never get angry and I’m always innocent haha! I do have a Moon-Mars partner. I will accept your sympathy cards through the mail – just joking. And finally those Yods. Though I think I’m pretty done with that post as there seems to be no new information now. Unless there are some personal examples I come across, I think it looks done. My son has a Yod in his chart. You can say whether you have experienced a Yod as special or whether you feel those interpretations are overrated. All comments will be moderated, so your comment won’t show straight away.