Time in Lockdown

I hope you all doing well during this time. I am sorry if you have lost someone throughout this health crisis. The thing about this lockdown is that things are not too different on my side. Apart from my two kids being off school and having my partner around the house, I guess my own life hasn’t changed that much. I work from home on the website most days. I have social anxiety and I’m shy around others, and I like being at home the most. I will have to make a greater effort outside and would like more social ease instead of going into high anxiety alert when around others. At this time, keeping away from others is what you need, but normally you shouldn’t live life practicing social distance as a life goal. Most of us are good people, beautifully flawed and human.

Along with keeping yourself as well as possible, this is the cocoon time for introspection, reading, working on home projects, and working out physically. Most importantly, for thinking about personal growth and your natal chart and setting goals to work on your more challenging aspects, or neglected planets in the chart, energy you don’t feel is getting used enough, and learning to bring out the best you.

I will do Moon-Pluto quotes today. I like reading about the Moon and the outer planets. It’s so personal, dramatic, and sometimes out there. The crazy loony sides are always fun to read about or sometimes unnerving if you’ve felt the brunt it from others in your life. Like those mother issues. Yet those supernatural powers that come with Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are good a compensation for all the drama.

Anyway, just keep going – like with transits all things pass eventually.

All the best, Julie

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