Mercury-Mars Headaches

The caffeine withdrawal is really real right now, despite the fact that I stopped drinking it over the weekend and am in the middle of writing an article. I am suffering from a horrible headache. It just so happens that the transit of Mercury is square to my natal Mars at the same time, which is why my head is hurting so badly. This transit is a little bit bothersome, and it messed up my computer in such a way that I am now on child safety on my search engine, and I can’t get off of it. My time spent on the computer as well as the information that I look up on the internet is monitored, and it appears that I was not permitted to see the results of my search to find out how many calories are in sweet potatoes. This leads me to believe that there is something sinister going on with sweet potatoes. Since there have already been some annoyances throughout this transit, my expectation is that it isn’t over yet!