Note on the Capricorn North Node Post

Before you read the last post, I just want to say that the previous reading on the quotes on the North Node in Capricorn contained a sarcastic comment about suicide. I don’t mind sarcasm, and I can be a bit dark if it’s aimed at myself but not anyone else, it was just kind of a comment out of the blue. An editor’s note was added, but I was quite personally surprised by it.

Nevertheless, transiting Mercury is square to my Uranus at the moment, and I have been unusually sensitive for the past few days for no apparent reason. As a result, I am misinterpreting things as though everyone is at odds with me, and I am not currently enjoying my neighborhood (Mercury). I have the impression that I do not belong here; however, it is possible that I am misinterpreting the situation, and this could be because my natal Uranus is located in the third house (Mercury’s domain), which is amplifying things (fixed signs).

In general, the comment about suicide might be a touchy subject for some people. In that case, just a heads up about it. It could be that I am a little taken aback by it due to the transit of Mercury-Uranus.