The Astrology of Self Sabotage: A Quick Note

I’m putting up an article on the topic of self-sabotage and Mars-Neptune, but I believe that everyone has areas in which they wreck themselves—whether it be Saturnian in that they don’t try for fear of failing, or Neptunian in that they get too dreamy and can’t see reality or haven’t paid attention. The planet Uranus represents those times when we have been hasty or desired a sudden shift in our circumstances. Perhaps you’re like Mars sometimes and you just can’t wait for anything, so you go headfirst into whatever you’re doing without giving it enough thought. If you have Venus-Pluto in your horoscope and you’re never satisfied in a “regular” relationship because of your insatiable need for some grand drama in your romantic life, maybe you’re self-sabotaging. It’s possible that under the influence of Sun-Pluto, you’ll become your own worst enemy by constantly criticising and being brutal on yourself. We all self-sabotage in different ways, and it can be difficult to break bad habits once they’ve been deeply ingrained. I realise it can fall into normal categories like diets and money squandering or a lack of motivation, but it is still a highly interesting issue and wake-up call in your life to dive into deeper.