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The Grand Trine Astrology Basics

The Grand Trine

A Grand Trine is a triangle-shaped pattern made up of three or more planets that are 120 degrees apart from each other. Planets in these signs are in the same element, and their interactions are smooth and easy because of the trine aspect's harmonious nature. Traditional books on astrology say that …
Great Article Astrology Basics

Great Article

I was reading this article from Astrology Expressed - When the World is too much with us: The Twelfth House. And this is excellent information, definitely recommended reading.…
The Opposition Astrology Basics

The Opposition

In astrology, an opposition is when two planets are "opposite" each other in a chart, which means they are at an angle of 180 degrees from each other. The two sides are made up of the elements (Water and Earth or Air and Fire), which naturally feed off of each other and are dependent upon one anothe…