Moon in Capricorn

By | September 1, 2011

1330969The Moon in Capricorn is deeply serious and responsible. However, they often try to carry the world on their shoulders and rarely let others know when they need help and support. This Moon can receive a ‘bad rap’ in astrological textbooks for being prone to melancholy, and generally feeling overly serious all of the time. Insultingly referring to them as boring old souls unable to relax and have some fun. Whilst there is something of the ‘old woman’ peeking out underneath, this lunar position can often feel like the childhood was dampened in some way. It is not necessarily anyone’s fault unless they were seriously deprived.

Interpreting this as purely a ‘cold Moon’ is something that needs re-addressing in astrology books. If the individual has hardened emotionally it usually for a good reason, and most of it relates to the safeguards around the heart, protecting themselves from further ‘detriment’. A person with the Moon in Capricorn expresses their feelings in a highly disciplined way, and they demonstrate nurturing and protection through endurance, structure and stability.  Capricorn is concerned with material security and social acceptance, and to feel secure, all earth Moons need to feel useful and create tangible structures.

Moon in Capricorn needs to accept that no one can be self-sufficient all of the time. They can also deny or ignore their own emotional needs and are especially uncomfortable with emotional dependency and leaning on others for support. They often have a serious, reserved nature and are fearful of rejection. The Moon is in detriment in Capricorn and it can be a difficult position to have for self-nurturing and so letting others in emotionally is frightening; they need to learn how to relax, let go, and play sometimes.

Moon in Capricorn is entrepreneurial and enjoys building things up, and they are naturals in the business world. Still, they will often need to have full control in order to feel emotionally secure and feel that others will not accept them if they appear ‘weak’. However, their feelings of loyalty run deep, and they are committed, dependable and reliable.

They are often afraid of their own vulnerability and they set way too high standards for themselves. Being hard task-masters, failure is not an option, and if something does go wrong, they feel like others have been let down. Capricorns take pride in their work and want recognition for their hard-won accomplishments, but are sometimes too overly aware of public opinion, doing what’s right and judgement.

Moon in Capricorn tends to feel lonely, isolated and duty-bound. In relationships, there may be a large age difference or a partner may be chosen because of the need for security and status. Those with the Moon in Capricorn may be highly organised and efficient at handling and managing the household, but inside, they are just as sensitive and vulnerable as the next person.

Planets in Capricorn are known to shoulder more than their “fair share” of the workload. However, with considerable strength of character, they survive most hardships, and their sure-footedness with each and every step takes them towards hard-won success.