Full Moon in the 8th House

When the Full Moon is in the 8th house, then it often represents an emotionally heavy period for you, and this is not always a comfortable experience. Around this time your personal world is intensified and it can be a frightening time when trauma, crisis, or emergency is looming in the background.


In Astrology, the 8th house rules birth- life-and-death issues, painful losses, sex, intimacy, conception, the unknown. Quite often you’re forced to confront something uncomfortable in your relationship, yourself, and in life. Family baggage, joint partnerships, psychic and sexual bonds are also part of the experience. The whole process brings awareness of your deepest attachments and losses, highlighting how these can be rebuilt and transformed in a positive way. When anything travels through this realm it always represents when you must face inner demons and explore unconscious feelings about your childhood. It is most likely that you’ll have to learn to let go and immerse yourself in the feeling of everything that is down there no matter how uncomfortable. According to Carol Rushman The Art of Predictive Astrology: Forecasting Your Life Events the Full Moon in the 8th House and/or aspecting Pluto means:

Full Moon in 8th House

A Full Moon in the 8th house will have to do with joint finances, investments, legacies, death, rebirth, and sex. With a lunation in this house, you could have a death in your environment…It may be the time to take a relationship to a more intimate, physical level. The Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse on Pluto can mean a loss of power. I saw someone’s entire life crumble with a Lunar Eclipse on his Pluto. He lost all of his power…Many times people will have emotional breakdowns. Because Pluto rules the hidden and dark undercurrents, I have seen issues come to light like rape and childhood abuse. Skeleton’s come out of the closet…Many times under a hard aspect to Pluto, old, buried, traumatic issues resurface and must be dealt with.

When dealing with this area in the horoscope, a lot of emphases given by astrologers is geared towards the area of transformation, and not enough on the agonizing journey it could entail. This domain will always speak about intensive passages, and so you might call upon some of your deeper resources in order to survive. A Dark Night of the Soul will, inevitably, change you as an individual, and deepen your connection to life.

The Full Moon in the 8th house triggers jarring emotions, cathartic release, altering experiences, leading the way to greater growth. It is important to realize that this realm takes a piece of you away, perhaps in exchange for seeing life on a whole new level. It is hard to predict what is going to happen to you going through such an experience, and whether or not you’ll rise out of the ashes, rebuild a new life or stay buried, repressed, and never trust in life again.

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