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Moon in the 1st House: Hurty Feelings

The Moon in the house of identity represents an immediate dilemma to your life. By nature, this silvery body is withdrawn and dependent, it’s not easy for you to strike out in a bold and adventurous way. So consequently, you tend to approach situations tentatively since your modus operandi to life is passive, changeable, and full of protective feelings. Wherever the Moon is experienced, it feels all emotional and it leaves a deep impression. It can also be a place where you need to feel safe, comfortable, and protected. Thus, as a Lunar type, you like to do things that are familiar and will come across as feeling insecure about anything new and unknown. Basically, EMOTIONS are a big part of your life and who you are, and they’re pretty much on display for everyone to see. Periodically, you operate in the unconscious; and it surges, often unexpectedly and startlingly, out of your psychic depths. The Moon in the 1st house is a mirror for the immediate environment. I have known many actors with this placement. A person with a Moon here has the instinctive ability to pick up unspoken emotional currents and atmospheres and play to the audience. The Moon appears to become whatever other people expect it to be, and it is constantly changing. It is a form of camouflage as well as a form of contact. The Moon is changeable and reflects the situation of the moment. The feeling life is in a constant state of flux, and is easily affected by what is going on in the environment. Liz Greene You may come across as timid and shy; you may react easily to hurts and slights and become moody and psychologically withdraw. It can be hard to turn off the feelings and, in defense, you can be hostile if others are crossing over your psychic turf. Life is devoted to your inner landscape, and it colors, as it were, the manner in which you orient yourself in the world. The outlines of your being show profound fluctuations of feeling. Others may have to “walk on eggshells” around you, lest you get angry or upset. The Moon symbolizes the deeply personal characteristics that you keep hidden or only allow to come out in your private life. The 1st house, however, is out-front for everybody to see – hence, every mood, emotion, and fleeting response show in the changing features of appearance. If you exhibit the physical characteristics distinctive of the Moon then you have expressive eyes, a round “moon shaped” face and soft skin. If you show the psychological aspects of this lunar placement, your personality is sensitive, intuitive, receptive, and sympathetic. The 1st house is a very important factor in understanding the fundamental nature of the stream of vital forces energizing your entire being. With the Moon here, it is important to note that you can be deeply attached to your earliest emotional and environmental influences. Fearing your psychological vulnerability around others you can be very concerned about safety and security; it can be hard for you to trust strangers. Feeling vulnerable early on in life required that you develop a certain toughness, and so you may have developed all kinds of defense mechanisms to protect you from feeling everything. Tuning into feelings around your surroundings, you’re overly sensitive and touchy, and everything said, intuited, or sensed is taken very personally….

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