Composite Sun in Houses: Part 2

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Sun in 7th: The relationship has a primary focus on sharing, diplomacy and romance. As a couple, the drive is towards harmony and through operating as a single unit to attract others. It’s important for this partnership to find social connections. The duo may be bound up to the public in some way. Rob Hand believes that this placement predisposes couples to marriage. However, Liz Greene believes that this is more of a statement for others to acknowledge the relationship itself and it is not always based on romantic reasons. Often feedback is vitally important and the couple may live through others.

Sun in 8th House: The relationship may be private and heavily intimate. Transformation is the core purpose behind this union. There is a primary focus is on joint resources, but the purpose and meaning behind the bond is to understand the emotions underlying it. As a couple  – they are thrown into crisis periodically and may as part of their development, deal with a difficult emotional issue. This twosome may even be a taboo or  secret liaison. Compulsions and dramatic emotional experiences dominate and the couple can be potentially – changed forever.

Sun in 9th House: As a couple they may travel together, emigrate, or the relationship is centred on religion, philosophy or learning. Both will expand personal horizons and perhaps explore the world together or attend seminars, lectures and classes. The meaning behind them getting together is central around a growth in consciousness. Adventures, both intellectual and physical can be experienced.

Sun in 10th House: This may indicate a couple focused on their careers, running a professional business. The public image of the relationship maybe important an is driven towards achievement and sense of making something tangible together. Either through status or recognition. At the core,  they are an ambitious couple and want to contribute to society in some way.

Sun in 11th House: When the composite Sun falls in the house of friendship it may indicate a couple whose goal and purpose is geared towards defining their friendship. Humanitarian, political and group activities may form the part of their involvement together. As a couple, they may both share similar interests and goals, and the relationship may lose some its individuality as the life-force of the partnership is placed in the 11th house sector of humanity, its people and the collective.

Sun in 12th House: This is another indicator of a possible secret affair and the relationship is kept hidden for various reasons. The bond may involve a sacrifice of some kind. The energy of the duo is sometimes given to spiritual values, compassionate causes and it may even be difficult to keep a clear sense of boundaries. A twelfth house Sun is often a medium for the larger collective and the couple have to give something up.