Venus in Pisces

September 1, 2009 by No Comments

tumblr_mfvbqu8EKD1r1dcylo1_500Those born with Venus in Pisces seek relationships where there is a feeling of emotional fusion. The individual has a strong inclination for sacrifice in personal relationships, and so disillusionment may ensue when loved ones turn out to be ordinary. Pisces feels empathy towards those in sorrow and pain, and when they allow others to take advantage of their gentle and sympathetic nature; they lose a sense of personal value.

Venus in Pisces people can confuse sacrifice and martyrdom with real love, but the person with this placement also possesses a tremendous capacity for compassion and selfless, devoted love. Venus has a soft, loving heart, when placed in the sign of Pisces, but often lacks discrimination and is easily preyed upon, and love can involve losing or surrendering the self in some way, demanding this person give something up.

Venus here is romantic and idealistic and yearns for the perfect love, and because they expect so much, they are easily disappointed. The individual may devote themselves to unrealized and fantasized romances, and might not see the flaws in a current relationship, and falls for people they can “save”. Venus in Pisces can flow into the feelings of others, merging with others even if they don’t know it. Physically they would like to erase the physical boundaries that exist between them and others, and often have psychic ties with lovers.

Venus in Pisces has a high sensitivity to colour and might possess an artistic or musical ability. Inwardly filled with beautiful and inspirational images, they enjoy creating illusions and instill a sense of hope and belief into he lives of those who need to believe in something. Women with this placement have an ethereal and fragile quality. The individual can seduce others easily, but there is a tendency to lose themselves in relationships, and they can be used as an escape from reality sliding into addictive states. Venus in Pisces is very giving and understanding, and the individual is entirely swayed by emotion.

The person also attracts needy and dependent people, thus forming co-dependent relationships. An important lesson for Venus in Pisces to learn is that it is not all about what they have to give, and to have someone to fall in love with who they really are. Venus in Pisces can infuse a feeling of guilt and denial at an unconscious level. The partner can be overwhelmed in love and affection, and feel unable to live up to it. Inevitably disappointment will follow, but this placement loves unconditionally and is willing accept more suffering than most. When Venus in Pisces learns about their own personal values, relationships open up into real soul unions.