Mars-Pluto Synastry: Something Quite Dark and Dangerous

The heightened sexuality, lust, and competition that emerges when Mars and Pluto form a synastry aspect is a sure sign of a fiery and intense relationship. This couple certainly possesses an incredible sexual allure, and crazy, amazing sex appeal. Imagine the drama that would ensue when these two get together. Mars and Pluto are destined to fight each other in a battle of wills because of fiery independence (Mars) and a ferocious pride (Pluto). Power struggles, hidden agendas, and other forms of manipulation are also highlighted by Mars’ synastry with Pluto.

The Most Deadly Aspect

Astrologers generally agree that the synastry between Mars and Pluto is extremely tumultuous and potentially violent. Mars and Pluto’s conjunction, square, and opposition are considered the most deadly of all possible planetary configurations. This suggests that there is a possibility of abuse, dangerous desires, rape, and violence in a relationship. The majority of the time, these readings are excessive, but some Mars-Pluto couples do go on to experience the intensity of their emotions when they erupt in a relationship. As it requires them to expose the most vulnerable parts of themselves to one another, this synastry interaction is not for the faint of heart. There is potential for explosions in this relationship due to Mars and Pluto’s aggressive nature when they aspect one another in a synastry chart, but both partners will likely seek out and enjoy the challenge of an argument.

The Wild Card

In this kind of interaction, there is always a wild card, and once hearts are exposed, there is no going back. The tension between them is high, and the relationship can feel like a time bomb waiting to go off at any second. Because of this, a deadly battle of wills is possible between the two, as they frequently provoke each other’s extreme responses. When compared to Pluto, which represents a place of wounds where our wrath and latent resentment get poisoned, Mars favours a more open, direct, and aggressive approach. 

Lyn Birkbeck, an astrologer, cautions against playing with people’s feelings through this connection. Nonetheless, it’s possible for this bond to be deeply passionate, giving rise to tremendous emotions and exchanges. There will always be a temptation to go to extremes because this is a connection that changes you and becomes extremely compulsive. It’s possible for a fight to break out if one partner is overly demanding in terms of emotions, sexual needs, or desires, and the other may resort to manipulation games or other darker tactics to avoid giving in. Nevertheless, there is still this powerfully urgent need between them to be both fully satisfied, and while this can cause some contention, in the end, they are usually both transformed and their lives are experienced on a deeper level as a result of this type of relationship.

This is one of the most powerful interactions there is, and as such, can corrupt or heal, transform or destroy. It is most likely that you are intensely and passionately involved in a sexual way, or in some dynamic form of healing. In an emotional relationship, this interaction reaches the parts other interactions can’t reach! If, however, you are simply getting off on the power and intensity merely for the sake of it, you are probably unwittingly sowing the wind only to find you have a tornado on your hands. Something quite dark and dangerous, can, as I say, be surfaced by your coming together. Metaphorically, it is as if your relationship is an oil well that draws the black stuff to the surface, but it has to be processed and refined to render it manageable and useful. 

The dynamic between Mars and Pluto is remarkable in and of itself; it’s full of passionate fire yet can strain relationships. The most essential requirements for any synastry with Pluto are truth and honesty in all dealings. I think it’s best if they can be as “authentic” as possible with one another. As a means to their ultimate goal—mutual empowerment—this is why they should work so hard. So long as Pluto continues to exert its seductive influence, Mars will remain drawn to its depths, and vice versa; working together, the two planets can become an unstoppable force of strength and power.

While the individuals also change greatly as a result of their interactions with one another, they should be mindful that Mars-Pluto aspects typically herald an outward display of passion and vitality. The best Mars-Pluto relationships are those in which the partners consistently show their dedication to one another and their respect for one another, avoid hurtful or destructive disputes, and instead find constructive ways to keep the passion, excitement, and fires burning. You can be a force to be reckoned with and a show of enormous dynamos with Mars and Pluto cross aspecting in your horoscope. You project both outward and inward, investigating very deep psychological exchanges; Pluto analyses Mars’ activities and offers the finest counsel on how to go out and obtain what they want; Mars re-energises Pluto out of its lowest hours and lifts their spirit. You are a burning inferno and challenge each other to add more depth or even more fight and to go after what it is that you want.

You seem to have found a common purpose in being together so that you can each learn more about how you’ve stood up for yourself in the past and what’s hurting you both deeply. You are not together for a “nice” or even “easy “relationship at all times, but to push one another to explore some heavy themes for both of you and to challenge one another into deeper growth; this is a deeply committed and karmically driven relationship containing within it an evolving goal that gradually changes both of your lives. Of course there will be negative emotions, pushback, and even psychological manipulations while dealing with such a situation. This forceful urge between you both is seen as a potent and even overwhelming passion. Both participants in this exchange will benefit from the revolutionary potential inherent within it.

In this case, Pluto reconfigures their partner’s identity (Mars) in ways that can be disturbing, manipulative, or, in the case of a more evolved connection, rewarding. The Mars may resist Pluto’s invasion, but they may also push back on Pluto and encourage them to look at the parts of themselves they’ve been hiding. As a result of experiencing their passions on a deeper level, the pair undergoes an emotional transformation, not only as a result of the sexual encounter but also on unseen levels. If you want to feel anything, you need depth. There’s a lot of that in their relationship; they can be both extremely abusive and incredibly protective of one another. Although it may appear that they only cause each other damage when they are interacting, on more positive levels it would appear that they have superhuman strength and the power to heal each other if they so desire.

Pluto will help Mars go deeper into their relationship and ignite their passion on a whole new level. Mars wants to discover more about Pluto’s mysterious past, but Mars might be too eager to pry open the bandages or rush in and poke at Pluto’s wounds. As the couple is put through their sexual, psychological, and emotional paces, mutually beneficial Mars-Pluto aspects will aid in their growth through the fire. In a relationship chart, this is a hugely important connection but you may be confused as to whether this is a synastry or sinister aspect after reading this, yet in reality the combined effects of Mars and Pluto create a profoundly soulful experience that can’t be put into words but can only be felt. You two have blazing chemistry when you’re alone at night, and hopefully you love each other enough to sort out the other darker stuff that permeates between you, so that this can be incredibly healing and satisfying for both of you, even if the Mars person is demanding on the Pluto person (or vice versa).

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