Mars-Pluto Synastry

Synastry between Mars and Pluto indicates an outpouring of passion, increased sensuality, lust, and competitiveness between a couple. This combination is likely to have a lot of assertiveness and power, but there’s also this insane, fantastic sexual appeal. Imagine the drama, the searing heat, and the scorching dramatic scenes that would ensue when these two get together. Pluto is passionately proud, and Mars is self-reliant; neither will tolerate being controlled, and power clashes ensue.

Various astrologers regard Mars-Pluto situations in synastry as combative and exceedingly volatile. Many people believe that Mars conjunct, square, and opposite Pluto are the most dangerous aspects a pair can have. In a relationship, it signifies the possibility of abuse, deadly desires, rape, and violence. While these interpretations are exaggerated to some level, this contact is not for the faint of heart, and some couples do go on to face the violence of emotions that frequently erupt. While explosiveness is a possibility, both individuals in this union will enjoy a challenge and a little disagreement, since neither Mars nor Pluto are frightened of conflict. Manipulation, games, and power struggles are brought to the surface by Mars’ synastry with Pluto.

With this interaction, there is always a card hidden in the deck, and once souls are bared to one another, there is no turning back. The energy between them is powerful, and it can feel like the relationship is an emotionally loaded gun about to go off at any moment. Both have a tendency to push each other’s most reactionary buttons, and a deadly test of wills could ensue. Mars prefers things to be more open, direct, and confrontational, whereas Pluto symbolises a place of wounding where our anger and hidden resentment become poisoned. Pluto also represents a place of injury where our anger and hidden resentment become poisonous.

Astrologer Lyn Birkbeck warns about using this contact to play with heated emotions. Yet, this connection can be one of passion and depth, triggering strong feelings and intense exchanges. However, because this is a transforming and deeply obsessive connection, there will always be a propensity to go to extremes. One partner may be emotionally, sexually, or psychologically demanding, and a conflict may ensue, yet the wants of Mars are frequently transformed and experienced on a deeper level as a result of this encounter.

This is one of the most powerful interactions there is, and as such, can corrupt or heal, transform or destroy. It is most likely that you are intensely and passionately involved in a sexual way, but such energy could also be used for any pursuit where a superior type of force is utilized, such as martial arts or some dynamic form of healing. In an emotional relationship, this interaction reaches the parts other interactions can’t reach! If, however, you are simply getting off on the power and intensity merely for the sake of it, you are probably unwittingly sowing the wind only to find you have a tornado on your hands. Something quite dark and dangerous, can, as I say, be surfaced by your coming together. Metaphorically, it is as if your relationship is an oil well that draws the black stuff to the surface, but it has to be processed and refined to render it manageable and useful. 

Mars and Pluto represent a mutually fascinating interplay, full of emotional energy, but also prone to causing relationship difficulties. Truth and honesty in all transactions are the most important conditions for any Pluto synastry contacts. The more “genuine” they can be with one another, the better. Because mutual empowerment is what they actually need to strive towards. Mars will always be pulled to Pluto’s depths, while Pluto will always be drawn to Mars’ strength.

Needless to say, the couple’s interaction with one another has a significant impact on them. They should be aware, however, that Mars-Pluto encounters frequently indicate a strong manifestation of intensity and vigour. When they demonstrate commitment and respect for one another, and when they make sure their fights don’t become harmful or destructive while also keeping the heat, excitement, and fires blazing in more creative ways, the relationship works best.