Moon in Libra

With the Moon in Libra you express your feelings in a refined and sophisticated manner. Love is conveyed in ways which are ethical and just, and emotions which elicit conflict such as jealousy or anger are controlled or unacknowledged. You need an atmosphere of harmony in your personal life, and there is deep sensitivity to discord and aggression. Through your dislike of unpleasantness, you may compromise your own needs in order to appease others. However, you possess an instinctive gift for diplomacy and tact in all their dealings with others. A natural ability to understand and interact with people means that you always need to do what is right, fair and decent. And a Libran Moon will always trust that the outcome will be for the highest good. The Moon in this position has a sweet and immediately likeable personality. You need to feel liked, appreciated, and valued by others. It’s because your sense of value comes from the feedback and validation you get from others. But you can sometimes place too much emphasis on appearance, surface harmony and maintaining relationships at all costs. Libra is the second of the AIR signs and is focused on people. So this makes you highly aware of others’ opinions, and this also helps you build better relations and create a pleasant atmosphere. Overall, a Libran is a very sociable creature, but always getting a perfect balance is challenging; and, as you are probably well aware, your Moon Sign is famous for its inability to make choices, seeing the equal validity of both options and being unable to choose. You can weigh decisions endlessly before making up your mind. Nevertheless, you love a good debate and become better informed by sharing your point of view and, thus, relationships themselves provide a very useful system of knowledge.

Libra is represented by the seventh house of the zodiac and is ruled by Venus, both of which symbolize relationships, partnerships, and social dealings. Libra represents the middle point in the horoscope and takes away the focus from the self and moves more into relating to others. Therefore, with the Moon in Libra, you need to co-operate with others and establish one-to-one relationships. You have the ability to reconcile warring parties, due to your ability to understand opposing views. Libras are good at bringing people together and known for their negotiation and mediating skills. Above all, finding enjoyment in exchanging ideas, companionship, and friendship with the opposite sex.

The Libra Moon is the people-pleaser. Born out of the need for other people to like them. Libra Moon people will put their own desires to one side. Eventually, of course, these unfulfilled desires explode into awareness, demanding to be met. The Hades Moon: Pluto in Aspect to the Moon

The Moon in Libra is also creative, musical and artistic; and this is why you seek both beauty and refinement and have fine taste in art, clothing, furnishings, and food. You also find your best expression through public relations, counselling, marketing, and law. You certainly possess the social grace and charm to win most people over, and you’re known to be an exceptionally good flirt. And when in a relationship, you tend to be romantic, idealistic, and very thoughtful. But you also hold pre-conceived ideals about love itself. Above all, it must be said, you value togetherness and possess a powerful need to understand the dynamics of others. With this airy Moon in your chart, you need others to behave rationally and in a civilized manner. And you make it known to others that you are most comfortable when living in a world which feels beautiful, balanced, and pleasant.