A person born with Venus in Taurus seeks relationships that endure the test of time, with endless patience and unwavering commitment they choose stable and comfortable investments rather than take a chance for a brief and unstable courtship.

The person needs tangible expressions of love and they gain a feeling of pleasure through the body with plenty of tactile affection. Venus in Taurus is grounded and committed in relationships and loyalty will be very important.

Typically, these people remain steadfast in their affections; they are sensual lovers that enjoy natural surroundings. Venus here often has a strong sense and appreciation of touch, texture and form. The person values luxury, attractiveness and can have expensive taste, preferring good food, perfume and clothing.

Venus in Taurus has a genuine appreciation of the best things in life, and this combination has a tendency to attract material resources, so their prospective partner’s wealth may be important and reflects back a feeling of being valued and appreciated.

They may be slow to enter relationships, unless they feel the partner is fixed in his or her affections. Taurus is also a jealous and possessive sign, and they feel threatened by rivalry. This sign is very security-conscious and tend to regard a partner as a belonging, and find ways to secure their affection permanently.

By nature, Taurus is a traditional and conservative sign, and they need a relationship to be solid and enduring. The person is determined to keep a partner, and it is quite likely that they want a partner to support their lifestyle. Venus in Taurus loves art, painting or music and they have an affinity with nature and love flowers and plants.

Usually they take great delight in lovemaking and its sensual pleasures; they admire strength and stamina in a partner.

Venus in Taurus commonly appears in the charts of those who marry well established-sometimes older- partners. Charming, sensual, sophisticated and attractive, Venus in Taurus also appears in the charts of people who make excellent escorts or are used as ornaments to aid their partner’s in their business dealings. Eating disorders – the dark and vulnerable side of this placement, are one of many of the possibilities that beset individual with an afflicted Venus in Taurus.

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