Venus-Pluto: The Magnificent Obsession

Venus-Pluto-aspectsAn individual with Venus conjunct Pluto, Venus square Pluto or Venus opposite Pluto has a powerful drive for love and romance of the intense and passionate kind. Even is this is all painfully unconscious; there is something about depth, darkness, and the deep chords in others symbolizing the best aphrodisiacs. Power and intoxicating attractions are erotic, twisting around the native in a black passion taking them down into this powerful subterranean world of the Plutonian shadow.

Moreover, the individual when involved in a relationship wants to possess the partner’s soul, know all of their secrets, and it represents this great urge to know just how deep love can go. The combination of Venus and Pluto has been called the “magnificent obsession.” No amount of love, affection, or attention fully satisfies the insatiability. A Venus-Pluto lover needs to love into the bottom layers, to “fully” and “completely” feel another’s desire.

Venus-Pluto possesses the capacity for enduring love. Such a powerful need in a relationship can result in self-sacrifice through an enormous need to bond. The feelings expressed in a relationship are anything but lukewarm with Pluto involved. Aside from some emotional complexity in loving, they have great personal magnetism. The sexual life contains darker textures with transforming elements. Sex is both power and magic, and it’s more of a mystical feeling; they have a devastating impact on others.

Venus-Pluto types are superb at looking into the core of others; they can see into any individual behind the layers and layers of surface. They are incredibly deep loving with an even deeper capacity to understand lovers, missing little in the emotional realm of relating. Taking everything to its extreme depths, pain in love is something often felt. The need for deep declarations of desire is longed for with a partner. The most typical example of someone with Venus-Pluto is looking for a partner who can fulfill this “extreme” and so it can reveal an attraction to a “bad boy” or a lover with feelings so deep, they would kill for them if necessary, or even being romanced by someone who is emotionally disturbed.

Venus-Pluto is prone to wringing every last drop out of their relationships. Another problem facing the love-life is finding it emotionally difficult to let go. The overwhelming attractions of Venus-Pluto can leave them open to falling under someone’s control. The intensity of another’s love is felt and it could be a frightening and exaggerated devotion, some woman experience stalking, suffocating love, or a poisonous lover.

Venus-Pluto has to be careful about fixing all love on one person believing they can fill something burning deep within. An emotional spur can exist where they are attracted to impossible love situations. This could be a powerful public figure or somebody who can never belong to them in this lifetime – no matter what. The heart wants what the heart wants only leads them into some extreme and dangerous situations. The individual may love a challenging relationship as it keeps the inferno burning, and sets fantasies ablaze. It can move into complex loving. No ordinary love is craved, and they need something fulfilling

Sexual jealousy may play a major role along with vindictiveness, rage, and revenge.  Crisis, blowups, and tension in this relationship represent a lot of pressure in need of a release. There will be moments of peace and beauty and times of enraged jealousy, for some, this can be an enjoyable emotion. It’s usually called the “ugly and “dark” feeling but sometimes this is how love is measured. At its root, sure, it could be the response of someone feeling unattractive and unlovable. Jealous feelings may be a ‘bad seed’ in the relationship preventing growth.  Frequently, this love will test, and it is testing the waters of emotional strength. Any signs of weakness, superficiality, or giving some kind of a hollow response and the Venus-Pluto individual is gone.

All of Venus-Pluto’s relationships hold the potential for a great wealth of feeling, underneath the mucky stuff one can lift up a handful of glittering diamonds. Relationships are the doorways to the deepest transformations occurring in life. Only under extreme pressure can they change into what it is in their profound nature to become. The good thing about Plutonian transforming is that its permanent once the psychic essence has changed, it’s done. In this phase of development – romance, self-worth, and learning to fully let go emotionally, are all the gem in the making.