Venus in 3rd House

venus in 3rd house

Those with Venus in the 3rd house have a desire for learning and communicating, they usually have a passion for books, writing, magazines, newspapers, languages and the media arts. The 3rd house rules all kinds of communication, links and connections as well as siblings, neighbours and our neighbourhood. Venus in the 3rd house enjoys sharing ideas and likes pleasant communication; they have the ability to create harmonious social situations.

This will be someone who is charming with words and likes talking and sharing ideas with delight and know how to flatter and seduce with beautiful words. The individual has a lovely verbal expression, and spreads a cheerful environment. They maintain positive contacts and good relationships with siblings, but sometimes there can be sibling rivalry with this placement. Others may find benefits through their sister and/or brother relationships.

The person usually knows how to mediate and settle conflicts. Venus in the 3rd house expresses a pleasure, artistic and refined quality of their thoughts and there could be a deep love of literature, interest in art, music or singing. Equally, this could be someone who finds enjoyment from casual conversation and everyday affairs. This is a person who attracts others through the art of conversation, curiosity and knowledge. This is also someone who recognizes the value of the local community and enjoys being a part of it.

Love thy neighbour is something the individual believes and some will even fall in love with a neighbour, others have sweethearts from early childhood. Love affairs may be conducted by mail, email or on the phone and this is the combination we associate with love letters. The individual may even meet someone by placing a personal ad in the local newspaper. Venus in the 3rd house enjoys short journeys and weekends away, and travel may be used for pleasure.

They will need a partner who is interested in everyday affairs and is well-informed on many subjects; they relish in discussing topics of mutual interests with a loved one. The person may also enjoy talking about every aspect of the relationship. The immediate environment must reflect beauty and harmony and they give off a loving receptivity to others. This position can be an excellent one for a public speaker or writer.

An appreciation of or involvement with pictures and art galleries is common. This is the person who attracts others with their curiosity, knowledge or conversation. They may have the ability to communicate tactfully or gracefully….A strong bond with a sister is often shown, though sibling rivalry and sometimes incest can also be indicated with Venus here, but this has to be supported by other factors. There is often enjoyment and pleasure to be gained through short journeys and weekends away. The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook (Astrology Now)