4057127c0b8f670d2c658071e87f2b74The Sun represents the process of defining our individuality and separate-self by expressing our uniqueness and true individuality. Jung uses the word “individuate” when describing how we become a distinct identity. The Sun is our sense of “I” and is concerned with our future and the direction we are heading. The purpose (Sun) is already within us, and it is waiting to be discovered, and once we find our life-path, we should try to live it. The Sun is like a book that has not yet been written showing our creative side and potential.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Most of us want to know that our being here does mean something – that what we do matters. [/pullquote]

The Sun sign qualities are what we are developing, and so we need to radiate the best traits of our star sign. The Sun rules the heart – the centre of our being and life-giving organism, and when we are speaking from our Sun we ask: “Who Am I?” “What am I meant to do here?” “What am I doing with my life.” Each life has a reason for being, and purpose is the reason a person was born. The individual has a unique purpose and the Solar body in the horoscope symbolizes our central force and essence, and most of us want to be somebody. When we have a profound sense of who we are, and where we are going, we are living out the energy of the Sun.

Joseph Campbell says that the privilege of a lifetime is being who we are. The Sun is about discovering our calling in life and is the single most important symbol within the birth chart. The Sun represents our basic identity, and it is symbolic of the need to be oneself at all costs, to be an individual, and to experience the Self as somebody special. In fact, the Sun is the need to be somebody and we develop this through its sign, house, and aspect/s. Sometimes the personal development of the Self can get damaged in childhood and the self-expression becomes blocked. In such a case, there is difficulty in shining and trouble believing we are worthy.

tumblr_static_sun_croppedAccording to Arthur Dione in Jungian Birth Charts: How to Interpret the Horoscope Using Jungian Psychology (Aquarian Astrology Handbook) “The Sun is the principle regulating center of the chart and a vessel for the archetype that Jung calls ‘the self’ which must precede all other symbols. The self is the ‘X’ factor on the chart because it cannot be reduced to a single element in astrology; the self is the lifetime of the whole chart, the manifestation of the planetary energies as they appear through meaningful events in one life.

It is then, a nucleus, a germ of something not already born whose meaning is seen before, during and after the event. It is all at once potential, manifest energy and by-product because they are all part of the same thing just as the Sun is related to the rest of the chart. The self is the creative unfolding of a chart that is tied to fate: therefore it is significant in the life of the individual, it is the path that is ‘chosen’.

The Psychologist Jung described such solar growth as a person who can fully develop their uniqueness and to find wholeness. It’s in the second half of life, where we must deal mostly with shadow work, usually involving all the unlived potential residing inside of us.

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