Scorpio’s Withdrawal

A Scorpionic relationship can leave you feeling the tough withdrawal symptoms when it all falls apart. The Scorpio lover pulls away all of their powerful emotions and then acts as if you don’t exist. After falling hard and then painfully feeling the sting of rejection. It can all feel rather disturbing, cold, like you turned invisible to those penetrating eyes, you know the ones that astrologer Liz Greene describes as possessing x-ray vision. The Scorpio person doesn’t just look at you, they see right through you. According to Barriers and Boundaries: The Horoscope and the Defences of the Personality :

Scorpio’s possessiveness attempts to create a bond that will not alter. The bond is absolute, fixed, eternal, and can never be disturbed or broken apart by betrayal or feelings given to other people. Possessiveness is a means of defending oneself against loneliness through rendering the loved object not only absolutely one’s own, but also absolutely predictable. No fluctuation in mood or feeling is permissible. Fusion for Scorpio is not a fluid state of ecstasy. It is an immobile and eternal union, impervious to time and change. Any sign of emotional energy being given elsewhere can provoke terrible vindictive feelings in a deeply insecure Scorpio. Such destructiveness comes from a place of great fear and it is Scorpio’s way of defending itself against the horror of betrayal, humiliation, and isolation. Scorpio might not fear physical death if the death is chosen. Since death is only a route back to the source. But the kind of death represented by broken pride and the isolation which comes from powerlessness may be a far more threatening prospect.

A Scorpio who feels scorned is not easy to deal with, and trying to get information out of them is like working for a super-intelligence agency. It’s all about the subtleties, silent cues, and peering deep. The exchanges that follow after wounding a Scorpio can be incredibly uneasy as the emotions appear to switch, but this is something which has been written about extensively in psychology. Freud termed this state ambivalent emotion; he was the first to propose the idea that we may both love and hate someone at the same time and one does not neutralize the other. Scorpios may withdraw for a variety of reasons in their relationships, but their feelings are profound, so it is never an easy decision. A Scorpio gives their love selectively and needs to develop a deeply meaningful relationship with people before allowing them to get close. They possess enduring affections and loyalties and will often tend to become passionately and permanently attached when they fall in love. Scorpios do not love lightly, hating any kind of superficial bond.

Scorpio is famous for their full on intensity, concentration, and passion. Yet along with such fullness of emotion, there is also the deathly stinger of Scorpio’s withdrawal to contend with. It would seem that while it is intriguing, mysterious and unfathomable, falling for a Skorpios it is also inevitably an addictive experience and one which may leave anybody feeling intoxicated by the sheer power they have over their feelings. It’s known that Scorpios can be forceful personalities with much seriousness and depth, but they are also secretive. It becomes incredibly difficult to fathom Scorpio out because their feelings are deep and silent, and this makes them difficult to know unless you can reach the level of intimacy they seek and gain their trust. Plutonian people have the best camouflage of all the signs, which covers up the fact that they have the most sensitive and deep feelings underneath. Also, Scorpio has a problem letting go of control, and they have too much pride to let it show how much they are really suffering. Some Scorpions have been forced to see the other side of life at a young age, and have developed deep mistrust, especially if they have suffered an early trauma such as abandonment, abuse, betrayal, or death, all of which leave emotional scars. It can be very difficult for Scorpio to fully trust life, and their psychic sensitivity senses when there is the possibility of being wounded. Scorpio withdraws into that safe place within, and it takes a long time for them to trust and to forgive.

Linda Goodman says:

Some Scorpios, instead of seeking the ruthless revenge of their stinger scorpion’s – or rising above such bitterness like the eagles -they bitterly withdraw in tangled hatreds at each minor injury, hoping fate will punish their enemies, almost unconsciously willing destruction without direct action.

Most water signs find it difficult to verbalize their emotions, but Scorpio’s feelings are intensely felt, and there is an all or nothing approach to everything in life. Water signs tend to withdraw as a protective measure when they sense danger or the likelihood of being deeply hurt. Nobody can hurt Scorpio when the sign shields itself, and because of their ability to feel more deeply than any other sign; they also cut deeply. No other element holds a candle to water’s mystery, subtlety, and long-kept secrets. However, water people are not constant in the expression of their moods. Both Scorpio and Pisces are best known for the secretive qualities, but even Cancer is deeply private. Scorpio, however, is famously known for skulking away and brooding over past hurts. The funny thing about Scorpio’s withdrawal – is that they hate any form of coldness. The nonreactive Scorpio, the one who has withdrawn, is actually in disguise and is covering up the fact that they feel rejected. Disguising their intensity and great sensitivity in order to protect themselves from hurt and humiliation. They need a great deal of emotional closeness, but Scorpio may withdraw when they sense someone is being false or deeply insincere.

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