Sun square Pluto Synastry

When the Sun is in square aspect to Pluto in synastry, the dynamic is characterised by themes of passion, obsession, and fascination in the way you engage with each other.

When it comes to your relationship, you may feel obsessed, and there is no place to hide since you are constantly under each other’s skin.

As you and your partner confront the psychological implications of loving each other in such a profound and life-changing way, potent feelings begin to surface.

It’s also possible for the Sun to get the impression that you’re being invaded by Pluto, and this sense of domination can be quite seductive at first.

The ancient proverb that describes how one individual is pulled to another like a moth to a flame is applicable here.

After a certain point, however, everything begins to feel more forced, and if one pulls away, it can move things towards a crisis point in terms of their relationship.

Black Holes Swallow Light

On the other hand, one partner—typically Pluto—may feel threatened when the other partner (Sun) exhibits signs of independence, individuality, and autonomy.

The Pluto individual feels threatened by the Sun’s radiance, vitality, and sense of self-importance.

Pluto in this relationship may try to restrict the expression of the Sun, and may also possess powerful insights into all of the Sun’s strengths and abilities, as well as their vulnerable areas.

The trouble in this connection is that Pluto has a strong desire to change the Sun into someone they’re not.

Over time, it might build an unconscious desire for Pluto to control the Sun, dominate the relationship, and make permanent changes, all of which alter the perception of life for both.

Pluto can indicate a penchant for compulsive attachment, making the couple concentrate on new and deeper levels of relating, and can force the union to confront each other’s psyches.

I Am Your Fate

There is an all-consuming attraction that will likely make the couple feel much-loved, but it is important to recognise that intense feelings can be evoked.

This is a key encounter between the conscious (Sun) and subconscious (Pluto), and it introduces an element of fate into the exchange.

Everything is weighted with deeper significance, and it is more difficult to maintain a lighthearted disposition when strong reactions to one another emerge.

On the positive side, it might symbolise a couple who feels empowered, but on the negative side, it can represent power battles inside the relationship.

The Worst Relationships Can Bring Out the Best in You

Sun-Pluto in a synastry chart can bring to light both the best and worst aspects of their personalities.

The relationship exists on the precipice, awaiting its change and the release of consciousness, spiritual, and emotional bondage.

The couple has access to vast emotional reserves that enable them to endure challenging times.

The Sun square Pluto aspect in synastry represents POWER.

Each has a profoundly transformational impact on the other.

The realization of passions they did not even know were imaginable come about from this interaction.

The couple may unconsciously desire power, and “no pain, no gain” may be their personal credo.

An Inescapable Relationship

Deep curiosity often leads to unhealthy fixation and possessiveness between the Sun and Pluto who are compelled to learn about every aspect of each other’s lives.

When the Sun and Pluto are involved in a synastry chart, the results can have a profound impact because the charts are so firmly linked by a sense of FATE.

It will be very challenging to maintain a friendship in the event that these two decide to split up.

This relationship has a powerful influence on the lives of both involved.

They are completely fascinated by one another and even describe the experience as hypnotic, magical, and totally absorbing.

They are pulled to each other in ways that can be difficult to decipher, but it can be hard to explain why they feel so compelled to each other.

The Only One in the World That’s Even Close to Being Important

When Pluto is in a relationship with another individual (Sun), they may have the impression that they are the only ONE in the world.

There is such a powerful and profound connection here that it might at times feel like it is taking over.

The couple may feel as if they are in their very own underworld while they are immersed in all of the passion and extreme intensity that they are experiencing.

Although this connection may appear to be vast, the basic feeling that exists inside this relationship is one of profundity.

When the couple is apart from one another, any or both of them may experience intense anxiety due to the dread of suffering a catastrophic loss; however, this should not serve as an excuse for controlling behaviour.

The relationship has the potential to be extremely intimate, and it will give both of them the impression that it is one of the most significant of their lives.

When it comes to relationships, Pluto always operates on the most profound level possible. There is not the slightest hint of anything trivial about the way it behaves.

I’ve Got the Power

On occasions, things can become quite heated.

An issue that has been simmering between them suddenly comes to the forefront, which poses a threat and has the potential to detonate at any time.

The relationship has a tendency to bring out the darker sides of both individuals, and these sides then compete with one another for supremacy.

There is something existing inside of this relationship that cannot be controlled, which can be frightening and exhausting at the same time.

This couple will continue to transform one another even when they are not actively attempting to do so.

The changes will make themselves known to them on every level of their existence, from the innermost depths to the outermost reaches of their lives.

When the Sun is in square aspect to Pluto in synastry, it can be difficult to keep an equal partnership, and there may also be issues concerning privacy.

Since dwelling on old grudges and wounds will allow them to fester like poison, the couple will periodically need to find a way to let their emotions out.

You’ve Got That Power Over Me

While there is such a strong attraction between these two people, Pluto may have trouble trusting itself when in close proximity to the Sun.

Pluto feels as though they are being overpowered by the intensity of their feelings.

When a feeling is felt to its fullest extent, it has the ability to cause an individual to draw into themselves and create a barrier around themselves for protection.

Overall, this is a POWERFUL and MAGNETIC connection.

The fact that great things may be accomplished while working together is evidence of the incredible strength (Sun) and power (Pluto) that can be found in this relationship.

Again, Pluto is never an easy planet – it’s the part of us that delves into regions that are touchy psychologically. With a difficult Pluto-Sun interaspect, relating takes on an intense, probing, exacting quality just as with the flowing aspects. However, now there’s a much more explosive, volatile note. There is something about the Sun person that brings out a shoot-from-the-hip psychoanalyst – accurate maybe, but not gentle in the Pluto person in particular, although once the so-called insights start flying, it may be hard to determine who shot first. A real bottom line here is that the partners can be of inestimable value to each other in terms of the long process of growing wiser and saner. Succeeding gracefully in that process depends mightily on both parties knowing when enough is enough, when their own passions have distorted or sensationalized their insights into one another, and when a smile and a hug are more therapeutic than a thousand supposedly constructive criticisms. Skymates, Love, Sex and Evolutionary Astrology