Sun square Pluto Synastry

Powerful emotions are stirred as they face the psychology of loving one another in such a deep and life-changing way. A couple with Sun square Pluto synastry is dealing with themes centered around intensity, obsession, and fascination in their interaction. The pair might feel obsessed with one another like they can read each other’s minds, there is no hiding place, when it comes to this relationship, each getting under the other’s skin. It can also feel like an invasion and such taking over can, at first, feel like a powerful – sexy drug. The old familiar saying, like a moth drawn to a flame, applies, but then it all begins to feel more forced and if the other pulls way, it can bring everything towards a crisis point of relating.

The Pluto person feels threatened by the Sun’s light, vitality, and sense of specialness. Over time, it can create an unconscious need to change each other; control the partnership, and permanent changes, which all alter the perception of life. Pluto can denote a capacity for compulsive attaching, it requires the couple to focus on new depths, and it can force the partnership to face each other’s psychology. An all-consuming attraction exists that is likely to make the couple feel much-loved, but it’s important to understand that powerful emotions can be drawn out. This is a vital meeting between the conscious and the subconscious, and it brings an element of fate within the interchange. Everything feels loaded with deeper significance, and it is more difficult to remain light-hearted when powerful reactions towards each other spill forth. On the positive side, it can represent a couple, who can feel empowered, but if it turns the other way, the partnership can experience times of engaging in power struggles. It brings to light the worst of their characters and also reveals the best within them.

The relationship lives on the edge, awaiting transformation and the release of consciousness, spiritual, emotional, mental bondage. The couple can tap into great reservoirs of emotional strength to carry them through difficult times. The Sun square Pluto aspect in synastry signifies power, and the problem is that one individual in this relationship has a strong desire to transform the other into something that he or she is not. Both have a profound, transformative effect on each other. The experience of passions either have never even known was possible. The couple wishes to dominate, and no pain, no gain, could be this twosome’s personal motto. With a compelling nature, seeking to find out every element in each other’s lives; this deep curiosity often leads to unhealthy fixation and possessiveness.

Sun square Pluto in synastry can create a profound impact, they are tightly bonded together by a feeling of fate. If these two break up, it will be very difficult to continue on as friends. This relationship has a profound impact on both lives. They find each other completely fascinating, absorbing, and even hypnotic. It can be hard to explain why they feel so compelled, but they are drawn to each other in ways that can be hard to decipher. Pluto in partnership can also make the other person feel as if they are the only person who exists. There is such a strong deep expression that it can sometimes feel overpowering. All the passion and immense intensity can make the couple tightly bound to one another, as if in their own underworld. However, one partner (usually Pluto) can feel threatened by displays of independence, individuality, and autonomy. One person in this couple, may try and control the other’s expression and possesses powerful insights into all of their strength and abilities, but also weak spots. 

The basic feeling in this relationship is deep, and this connection may seem far-reaching, there can be times when things get heated up. An issue between them suddenly takes on full exposure, and it can be dangerous, resulting in some explosive moments. The couple can feel immense anxiety at times when not with each other, fearing some colossal loss, but this should not be an excuse for controlling behavior. The union tends to draw out each other’s shadowy selves, and the wills battle it out for supremacy. There is an uncontrollable quality that can be scary, and exhausting as well. The relationship can be incredibly close and it will feel like one of the most momentous in life. Pluto always functions in a relationship at a very profound level. There is, without question, nothing shallow about its action. Even when this duo is not trying to transform each other, they will. The transformations will be felt from the innermost depths to the outermost reaches of their lives.

The challenge of Sun square Pluto in synastry is to maintain an equal relationship, and there can be issues of privacy. Dwelling on past hurts and resentment will fester like poison, so the couple will periodically need to release feelings. Through such a powerful attraction one partner can have trouble trusting themselves around the other; they feel overwhelmed with the intensity of feeling. When such emotion is felt to the core, it can lead to a retreat into protection. Overall, this is a powerful and magnetic pairing and great things can be accomplished when working together, showing the true power of a Pluto relationship.

Again, Pluto is never an easy planet – it’s the part of us that delves into regions that are touchy psychologically. With a difficult Pluto-Sun interaspect, relating takes on an intense, probing, exacting quality just as with the flowing aspects. However, now there’s a much more explosive, volatile note. There is something about the Sun person that brings out a shoot-from-the-hip psychoanalyst –accurate maybe, but not gentle in the Pluto person in particular, although once the so called insights start flying, it may be hard to determine who shot first. A real bottom line here is that the partners can be of inestimable value to each other in terms of the long process of growing wiser and saner. Succeeding gracefully in that process depends mightily on both parties knowing when enough is enough, when their own passions have distorted or sensationalized their insights into one another, and when a smile and a hug are more therapeutic that a thousand supposedly constructive criticisms. By Skymates, Love, Sex and Evolutionary Astrology