Venus-Pluto Synastry

Venus conjunct, sextile, trine, opposition, or square Pluto in synastry, embodies the attributes of beauty, charm, and grace, which seems to generate a very powerful, intense reaction from Pluto. This produces an irresistible desire, and Pluto’s intensity is very alluring to Venus, resulting in dramatic sexual chemistry in this relationship. Pluto has the ability to make Venus feel truly loved and appreciated, increasing her awareness of inner values, feelings of self-worth, and a strong sense of attractiveness. Venus adores Pluto’s intensity, especially when it makes her feel beautiful, desired, and deserving.

Venus and Pluto have a sexually charged partnership with plenty of heightened emotions, however Pluto’s reactions may scare Venus. This is due to the fact that the relationship begins as charming, lovely, deeply passionate, and with a simmering heat beneath the surface. Pluto interactions, on the other hand, elicit a strong curiosity or uneasy love fixation in everyone involved. Pluto is a person who isn’t easily satisfied. It’s a case of all or nothing. Extreme emotions will emerge, and it’s unlikely that these two will ever be “just friends.”

When Venus and Pluto align in the synastry chart, it necessitates an all-encompassing opening up to the partner, a deepening of the relationship, and a love so intense that it threatens to destroy them.  As Kilroy J. Oldster says, “We cannot anticipate in advance how anyone will respond when they first rub elbows with Eros’ malady of passion and madness. In its purest manifestation, romantic love guarantees to rip us asunder, because we are unwittingly dispossessed of our precious sense of self-control.”

A Venus-Pluto couple’s bond has the impression of being predestined, at least for one of the partners (Pluto). If the Venus individual does not reciprocate the feelings, Pluto will escalate the situation until the desired response is received. Pluto, as is typical, does not take rejection lightly, and declining his approaches only leads to resentment; sentiments of rage, jealously, and possessiveness to develop in the relationship and frequently take over. While Venus may enjoy Pluto’s undivided attention because their love is more passionate and potent, it may also become overly intrusive, intense, and invasive.

Pluto’s compulsive attraction to Venus can be repressive at times, and Venus may feel bullied and frightened into being caring and affectionate. As the relationship grows, it may lead to escalating degrees of threats and emotional dominance. Breaking the tie is never simple, and it’s especially difficult in unrequited love relationships.

Pluto is all about psychological truth, and he’ll keep digging until Venus gives him the kind of affection he needs. This degree of intensity can be draining for both partners, and the Pluto person’s explosive emotions are exacerbated by Venus’ too light attitude toward the partnership. In fact, Venus may assume she is the epitome of “sweetness” in this exchange. However, she must examine her own emotional responses and be aware of whether or whether this enticing quality to Pluto causes him to become enraged with jealousy.

However, the connection is marked by intense devotion, devouring love, and a profound bond based on considerable knowledge with one another. This relationship will be moving into something more deeper throughout the course of this interaction, working through the knots they will surely encounter. It will disclose a lot about themselves. Venus may expose Pluto’s demons, but she can’t help but be drawn in by the depths. Both are looking for more sensuality because love isn’t enough for them. Venus and Pluto are prone to getting under each other’s skin, and the relationship is only completely lived in those passionate moments.

Pluto is about hard psychological truth. It is challenging and confrontative, while Venus is in all things more moderate. The Pluto partner brings a kind of confrontative intensity to bear on the Venus person’s relationship patterns, instincts and history – a quality which the Venus person may not appreciate every minute of the day. Still, this exchange works better than we might expect, and the end result is that the Venus person gradually becomes more savvy, psychologically naked, and honestly communicative, while the Pluto partner learns some necessary lessons about patience, courtesy, timing, forbearance, and humor. If it is not handled in this way, there is the danger that the partners will damage each other in psychologically and spiritually serious ways. Skymates: Love, Sex and Evolutionary Astrology