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Mercury-Neptune: Lost in Thought

The elusive formula and meta lost thoughts that are, drumroll,  found in Mercury-Neptune’s evasive domain. Info washes over the native in oceans and the mind splashes about in the imagination. It’s hard to come back to reality and onto the shore. Sometimes, though, it’s like Neptune takes a giant sponge and erases everything. It can lead to forgetfulness and inability to focus on things deemed important. Sometimes it’s through absolute denial, sometimes it’s just a confusing loss. A gifted German writer who had Mercury opposite Neptune said that he lost or mislaid many of his own writings. The minute Neptune comes under scrutiny, it bobs and weaves becomes unstable, mysterious, and intangible, Those with Mercury in aspect to Neptune are not always great at remembering street names, but they know the road to heaven haha! Some Mercury-Neptune types speak of how scattered their minds are; others report how they would like to crystallize their thinking. For the hard aspects, in particular, there are two parallel realities , so other people love their inspiration, they are wowed by their creativity and imagination and, at the same time, frustrated by their scattered, chaotic, lack of focus. Or, alternatively, the individual feels exactly this way about their own thinking and mode of communication. The Mercury-Neptune person can comprehend the meaning of images and such without needing to understand it all in verbal terms. To make connections in a way that bypasses words entirely. But very often it is their job to takes these insights and to transform and translate the information. The aspect is related to poetry, where words deliberately evoke images- symbolic language. When it comes to thinking about mundane things, it can feel like the brain has been asleep for a year. The imagination is the more inspiring source of knowledge than manifest reality, and they often give profound psychological insights.  In a sea of knowledge, the person can be prone to perceptions that don’t entirely mesh with three-dimensional consensus reality.Those with this contact learn best when able to link information with deeper and more inclusive levels of the psyche. The mind senses that our visible world is a mere shadow, a feeble projection of a deeper, unseen reality. So there’s an instinct for things and experiences and startling leaps of the imagination. Ultimately, the type can be especially artistic, poetic, or musical, and open to the occult subjects – astrology, the psychic world, dreaming, and otherworldly topics….

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