Moon in Pisces: Vulnerability

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Astrologers warn a Pisces Moon of being aware of the degree of openness which they leave themselves vulnerable to. Certain Moons have psychic feelings and can feel emotions deeply, and on top of this, they are keenly aware of the emotions of other people around them. Sensitive Moons try to avoid conflict, dread any kind of emotional confrontation, and are easily hurt or upset. A Pisces Moon seeks seclusion because over-exposure to the problems of others leaves them feeling emotionally drained. One of the notable things about sensitive people is that they are not able to shake off emotions as quickly as others. Once they are saddened or upset by something, they cannot just switch gears and forget it. Most of these people wish they were “thicker skinned” and even generally tougher personalities may feel their “sensitivity” is a weakness. Some charts are more prone to dissociating from their sensitive natures, and some have learned to hide it from others. Moon in Pisces is easily hurt by criticism, and take everything to heart.

Another thing that is associated with Pisces is hunger, and it is often described as some kind of empty and gnawing feeling inside that needs to be fed constantly, and this could be a deep hunger for relationships, drugs, god, music, beauty, tranquillity, or some other source of food. The emotionally hungry never feel full, never feel satisfied, never fulfilled or contented with what one has on the earthly plane. Disappointments, often leave them enraged, despairing and needing another round of drinks, but never feeling that it is enough to quench the thirst. Moon in Pisces can just as easily encounter “emotionally hungry” people in their family, friends, or lovers. It gives a feeling of emptiness, separateness from an otherworldly source. It leaves them feeling open and vulnerable to manipulation, with a sadness that is not easily put into words.

Lyn Birkbeck says:

Of all the Moon sign positions, this one has the acutest emotional sensitivity – and consequently, the most complex responses to life situations. You find a million and one ways to enhance or evade whatever might present itself to your super-receptive nature. Most negatively, you are inclined to experience the refined senses that make this possible as a distaste for mundane existence and thus you seek to escape it. In effect, with a Piscean Moon you need a vision of a better life for one and all that not only will act as a focus for all your compassion, imagination and sensitivity, but also is practically attainable. Not surprisingly you have an addictive personality, be it to drink, drugs, cream cakes, seafood, or men with beards. An addiction is essentially a distraction; you opt for the phony sacrifice and throw yourself into something self-destructive, dissipating or insidiously inconsequential. However, sooner or later, you will have to go for the Soul’s desire – no other drug will do. Rather than be vulnerable, weak, and oversensitive, you must become a lifeboat.