Moon in Taurus: Love and Commitment and a Stable Home

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Those with the Moon in Taurus enjoy the simple life, but as a luxury-loving sign, there is also the enjoyment of good food, material things, furnishings, art, anything pleasing the senses. It is a sign likely to enjoy tactile affection and often possesses strong desires, but they also tend to be possessive. It is common for these individuals to have a stable influence on others and to value practicality and resourcefulness. Usually sticking in one marriage for years, staying in the same job, and maintaining a fixed routine, the concept of roots is important. It can sometimes, though, limit other possibilities. Usually, their needs and desires are down to earth and many born under this combination have immense artistic ability and good taste. The females are said to be good looking or have well-made bodies and can produce an agreeable sensation. With the Moon in this earthy sign, there are strong sex impulses, a talent for producing comfort in the home, and often done by the purchasing of all sorts of possessions.

According to Liz Greene:

There is a deeply ritualistic quality to the Moon in the earthy signs. We all have our daily routines, whether this entails digging up weeds in the garden, or reading the morning paper over tea, or jogging on Hampstead Heath, or following a particular order of bathing and dressing. These rituals are terribly important to an earthy Moon, because they provide a kind of body centering which is needed for a feeling of well-being. The Moon in the Earth signs often favors dietary and exercise rituals, and even if these are a little faddish and do not do much for the body’s actual health, it is repetitive security of the ritual itself which promotes a feeling of being in balance. So there is a deep resistance to material change in the earthy Moon, and also a need for ritualistic ordering of daily life on the physical level. These Moon placements are sometimes quite obsessive, especially if the person is stressed, but you can why – if the Moon is being expressed unconsciously, it is likely to operate in a compulsive way, and those rituals provide protection against anxiety. The Moon in earth is often very concerned with material security and social acceptability even if this is consciously denied, and once again you can see why. Beautiful or valuable objects, money and respectability all provide a kind of safe body, a bastion against the cold winds of chaos. The Moon in Earth also needs to feel useful. This is different from the Earth Sun’s conscious goal of contributing something practical to life. With the Moon in Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, there is an instinctive need to be occupied, to be doing rather than wasting time.

When in love, they fundamentally change overnight, and young girls turn into women for who love and commitment and a stable home means everything. Without realizing it, they prepare themselves for the full cycle of love with its logical conclusion of raising a family and responsibility. When their feelings are reciprocated they fully enter into productivity and fulfillment of their needs, and there is a radiance underneath. Taurus is an unhurried soul, and they simply value serenity over stimulation. The Taurus appreciates nature and preservation and unless other indicators say otherwise, new technology and advancements are not immediately welcomed. Those with the Moon in Taurus often have the belief that things are best as they are, and that progress is unnecessary or undesirable. They don’t waste time trying to figure out where to invest their energies because they know what takes precedence for them. The principle of stability or certitude is valued for it allows their spiritual world to have certainty, and with it often comes a sense of reliability.