Composite Sun in Houses: Part 1

The composite chart is the horoscope of two people in a relationship combined. The midpoints between the two Ascendants, pool together to form a new ascendant. The midpoints between the two natal Suns give a new Sun sign and house for the relationship chart. The composite chart is like giving birth to a whole new entity, and signifies two people in the relationship having one purpose (Sun) or one set of emotional needs (Moon), one way of communicating (Mercury), and so forth. The composite chart represents the relationship as a totality, and the Sun rules the major focus of any partnership. Therefore, we would look to the sign and house placement of the astrological composite Sun, to understand where the central concerns are in the partnership and the purpose and meaning behind the relationship coming together. Below is a brief overview of the Sun in the first six houses of the composite chart and interpretations.

A composite chart like other methods of comparison is supposed to reveal how two different people or entities interact. Many astrologers, however, have criticized the composite method, finding it less than satisfactory for uncovering interpersonal dynamics. An alternative interpretation is that, rather than providing insight into the interpersonal dimension, the composite chart shows how the pair of people in the relationship operate together in the world. According to this line of interpretation, a composite chart would provide insight into the “personality” of a marriage. By The astrology Book of Heavenly Influences

Sun in 1st House

This shows a couple that strongly identifies with one another and their impact as a couple is powerful. According to Liz Greene, “People open up in ways that they may not do when around others. Sometimes this can be disruptive. A couple walks through a room and suddenly somebody starts a punch up in the corner, and that happens to be the moment that the lights blow. Things tend to be activated in the environment when there is a couple with a 1st house composite Sun around. Light is cast in dark corners and things get energized which might otherwise remain asleep.” In general, people are affected by this couple and the strength and style of their impact can be studied by looking at the composite Sun sign. The composite Sun in the 1st house likes to start things off first, and radiates confidence as a couple. Perhaps they are both leaders in their field or a pioneering couple and instinctively know how to set a scene. In other words, a couple tends to do things first and others follow.

Sun in 2nd house

The Sun in 2nd house couple has shared values and focus upon money, spending, and finances in general. This is a self-sufficient pair and their self-worth as a couple is a prime concern. Often with composite Sun in the 2nd or 8th house, there is a focus on the couple’s resources and how they sustain themselves within the relationship as a unified entity. However, the relationship may be overly focused on all that is dependable and trusted and provides them with basic security needs, ensuring basic safety. The orientation of this partnership may be material and they might both be collectors or share the same spiritual values, and both have the desired focus on finances. Hilary and Bill Clinton have their Sun in the 2nd house of Virgo, signifying a focus on helping others or working together. This is an earthy composite Sun and the relationship is grounded and focused primarily on their work, resources, and the development of personal skills. The composite Sun is square to Uranus in the 11th house in Gemini, and this could represent the very political (Uranus in 11th) in the Hilary and Bill relationship.

Sun in 3rd House 

This indicates that communication is the focus of the partnership and may show a side to the couple that likes to the relationship light and breezy. The 3rd house relates to local transport, messages, writing, and siblings. Life as a couple may involve travel, witty conversations, lots of newspapers and books around the place. The couple may enjoy talking, discussing, debating, and share many interests or distractions in this partnership. They both enjoy learning together, sharing and will grow in areas of intellectual exchange. Socializing and networking may be at the center of their lives. Some people with the Sun in Gemini’s house have even related to feeling like twins/siblings. Interactions are important in this relationship and channels must always be kept open for talking.

Sun in 4th house

A domestic focus is powerful in this relationship. The Sun is placed in the heart of the house and mutual concern for family and relatives is a primary drive. The couple may come from the same family background and there may be strong familiarity between them both. Both families may play a large role in the relationship and the focus is on nurturing, feeding, and providing. Safety may also be a concern for this couple, and like the 2nd house, there is a conscious goal aimed towards security. Homelife is central and the relationship may make them want to settle down and set-up home.

Sun in 5th house

A strong romantic and dramatic couple with a powerful focus on children and shared creativity. Attention to romantic affairs and bringing out the best potential regarding each other’s creative endeavors is the best use of this energy. They may both be artists or share a love of children. They might work in artistic fields where self-expression in the union is paramount. Both, like to have fun and drama in their lives together, and they may be an attention-seeking couple. Others notice their strong, dramatic style, and as a couple, they enjoy pleasure-seeking pursuits: Partying, hobbies, sports, art, and entertainment are all enjoyed.

Sun in 6th house

The partnership is focused on helping others or working together. Liz Greene says, “The composite Sun doesn’t shine as overtly as it does on the composite MC or Ascendant. The energy of the relationship usually flows into everyday life. The composite Sun requires living in the moment. The core of the relationship serves others in some practical way. The 6th house is known as the house of healing, and the relationship may serve to heal not only others but the couple themselves. Also, there may be a shared love of skill and craft. The 6th house doesn’t necessarily involve boring responsibilities; don’t forget that this is Mercury’s natural house. The composite Sun in the 6th house suggests a relationship which needs to do something useful in life. It is not focused on making a lasting impact on the world, like the composite Sun in 10th house, but often great satisfaction comes from creating something together that makes everyday life better and more rewarding.”