Composite Sun in Houses: Part 1

The horoscopes of a man and a woman who are seriously involved in a relationship are blended together to provide a single, more complete picture of their fate together. When the two Ascendants are joined at their midpoints, a new Ascendant is created. Sun signs and houses in the relationship chart are recalculated using the midpoints of the two natal Suns. When two people get together with a shared purpose (the Sun), emotional needs (the Moon), means of communication (Mercury), and so on, it’s as if a new being is born, symbolised by the composite chart. Relationship dynamics, as depicted in a composite chart, are under the Sun’s sway. Therefore, the sign and house placement of the astrological composite Sun can shed light on the significance of the couple’s desire to develop an intimate bond and the nature of the relationship’s central conflicts. Read on for a summary of the Sun’s position in the first six houses of the composite chart and some potential meanings.

A composite chart like other methods of comparison is supposed to reveal how two different people or entities interact. Many astrologers, however, have criticized the composite method, finding it less than satisfactory for uncovering interpersonal dynamics. An alternative interpretation is that, rather than providing insight into the interpersonal dimension, the composite chart shows how the pair of people in the relationship operate together in the world. According to this line of interpretation, a composite chart would provide insight into the “personality” of a marriage. By The astrology Book of Heavenly Influences

Sun in 1st House

The couple shown by the composite Sun in the 1st house is obviously very attached to one another, and their combined influence is felt. According to Liz Greene, when they are around other people, others often open up in ways that they might not otherwise. This might occasionally be very disruptive.

A fight breaks out in the corner of a room as a couple passes by at the exact same moment the lights go out. Things tend to become more active in the region when there is a pair with a 1st house composite Sun nearby because light is sent into dark corners, and things that would otherwise be dormant become invigorated.

The composite Sun sign can be studied to see how much and how this couple’s influence on others pans out fully. The couple appears confident and eager to get things started, and they might both be leaders in their areas, or they might just be a forward-thinking duo who naturally know how to set the mood. As a result of their combined influence, when this couple is in the room, people tend to mirror their behaviour or follow their lead.

Sun in 2nd house

When a couple has the Sun in the 2nd house of the composite chart, they have similar views toward money and other financial issues and place a high value on material belongings. This is a strong, independent relationship that values their shared sense of worth. For instance, the duo may have a propensity to emphasise their financial security and their capacity to stay strong as a unit inside the partnership. However, there’s a chance that these two may become unduly focused on making sure each other’s basic security and well-being is dependent against everything else. Depending on the nature of the relationship, one or both partners may place a high value on material belongings while the other may place a greater focus on moral beliefs. Both Hillary and Bill Clinton are motivated by a desire to help others and work to provide an income because they have the Sun in Virgo in the second house. Due to their conjoined Sun, they have a practical and realistic relationship that places a great focus on each partner’s work, financial security, and personal development. The composite Sun-Uranus square in Gemini’s 11th house, may indicate the very political nature of Hilary and Bill’s relationship, and is more telling (Uranus in the 11th).

Sun in 3rd House 

The composite Sun’s placement in the 3rd house may suggest that the couple values open and honest communication above all else in their relationship. Every possible mode of transportation, correspondence, and sibling connection may be made from this house. A typical day in the life of a couple can include reading the newspaper together, discussing ideas, and planning future trips. The two of them may take pleasure in vigorous debate, stimulating conversation, and a variety of leisure pursuits. As a result of their interest in sharing their knowledge and teaching one another, they are driven to further their intellectual involvement. It’s probable that they place a priority on socialising and having fun in their spare time. Feeling like you and your partner are twins or siblings is a common effect of having the Sun in Gemini’s house. Keep the lines of communication open, as you both need some breathing room and intellectual stimulation from your relationship.

Sun in 4th house

Domestic life, the home, and the family unit must be prioritised by the couple in when the composite Sun is in the 3rd. The Sun’s placement at the heart of the home symbolises the significance of nurturing others and a close community. The two may feel comfortable near one another due to their similar familial history or other familiar conditions that come into play. Both sets of parents can have a significant impact on their relationship, especially if they stress the importance of working together for the good of the family. They may feel a want to settle down and begin a family straight away if the 4th house is significant in the chart.

Sun in 5th house

A strong, dramatic, and deeply involved marriage that values their children highly and their ability to work together as artists. This setting is ideal for creative partners that support and feed off of one other’s ideas. Maybe they have something in common, like a passion for the arts or a dedication to helping young people. Perhaps they engage in creative endeavours that require total freedom of thought and speech. The couple seem to enjoy each other’s company and have a penchant for both comedy and high drama, suggesting that they might do well in the limelight. Partying, hobbies, sports, art, and entertainment are just some of the fun things they like to do together, and their powerful, theatrical style has caught the attention of others.

Sun in 6th house

The fundamental aims of the collaboration are mutual support and cooperation when the Sun is found in the 6th house of the composite chart. Unlike when it’s on the composite MC or Ascendant, “the composite Sun does not glow as brightly,” as Liz Greene puts it. A couple’s vitality tends to permeate all aspect of their lives. Understanding how to stay in the here and now is essential for dealing with the composite Sun in the 6th house. Helping one another out is essential to the relationship. It’s a place of recovery, and maybe the two of them can assist one other get past their hurts there. It’s possible that you and your partner value integrity and thoroughness in your own work and that of others. The 6th house, Mercury’s home, isn’t all about boring obligations, and it can suggest a socially conscious couple. When compared to the composite Sun in the 10th house, it is less concerned with making a lasting effect on the world and more interested in making a positive contribution to others in order to enrich lives. The level of service they receive from one another will increase thanks to this, and sometimes, a partnership will require a lot of work from both parties. This position, as described by Robert Hand, shows that the couple has come together for a task or goal that neither of them particularly enjoys. It’s possible that one partner will start to feel taken advantage of, which could lead to a breakup.