Composite Sun in Houses: Part 1

The composite chart is a combination of the horoscopes of two persons who are in a relationship. The midpoints of the two Ascendants come together to produce a new ascendant. Because of the midpoints between the two natal Suns, a new Sun sign and house are created for use in the relational chart. The composite chart represents the birth of a whole new entity, and it represents two individuals in a relationship who are united by a common goal (the Sun), a common set of emotional requirements (the Moon), a common mode of communication (the Mercury), and so on. The composite chart depicts the connection as a whole, with the Sun ruling the principal focal point of any partnership. Consequently, we would turn to the sign and house placement of the astrological composite Sun to determine where the key issues are in the partnership as well as the purpose and meaning that has brought the two people together. The following is a quick description of the Sun’s position in the first six houses of the composite chart, as well as some interpretations of those positions.

A composite chart like other methods of comparison is supposed to reveal how two different people or entities interact. Many astrologers, however, have criticized the composite method, finding it less than satisfactory for uncovering interpersonal dynamics. An alternative interpretation is that, rather than providing insight into the interpersonal dimension, the composite chart shows how the pair of people in the relationship operate together in the world. According to this line of interpretation, a composite chart would provide insight into the “personality” of a marriage. By The astrology Book of Heavenly Influences

Sun in 1st House

This depicts a pair who deeply identifies with one another, and their effect as a couple is significant as well. According to Liz Greene, “people open up in ways that they may not otherwise do when they are around others.” This may be really disruptive at times. A couple is walking through a room when someone starts a punch up in the corner, and it happens to be the same time the lights go out. When there is a pair with a 1st house composite Sun in the vicinity, things have a tendency to become more active in the area. “Light is sent into dark places, and things that would otherwise be dormant become invigorated.” Generalized human behaviour is altered as a result of this couple’s influence, and the amount and style of their impact may be determined by studying the composite Sun sign. The couple with composite Sun in the 1st house wants to get things started right away, and the pair exudes confidence as a result. Perhaps they are both thought leaders in their fields, or perhaps they are a pioneering pair who instinctively understand how to set the tone. To put it another way, this duo has a tendency to do things first and then others follow.

Sun in 2nd house

The pair with the Sun in the second house shares common values and a strong emphasis on money, spending, and finances in general. This is a self-sufficient couple, and their sense of self-worth as a couple is of primary importance to them. In many cases, when the composite Sun is in the 2nd or 8th house, there is a strong emphasis on the couple’s resources and how they maintain themselves as a cohesive entity inside the partnership. However, the relationship may become unduly focused on everything that is dependable and trustworthy, as well as on providing them with the bare necessities of life, such as fundamental protection and safety. Depending on the nature of the union, it may be materialistic in nature, with both parties being collectors, or it may be spiritual in nature, with both partners having the desired emphasis on economics. Hillary and Bill Clinton have their Sun in the second house of Virgo, which indicates a strong desire to serve others and to collaborate with other people. As a result of this earthy composite Sun, the couple’s relationship is grounded and focuses largely on their job, resources, and the development of their own abilities. This square between the composite Sun and Uranus in the 11th house of Gemini might symbolise the very political aspects of Hilary and Bill’s relationship (Uranus in the 11th).

Sun in 3rd House 

This implies that communication is the primary emphasis of the connection and may reveal a side of the pair that prefers to keep things light and airy in their relationship. House three is associated with public transportation, messaging, writing, and siblings. Traveling, having clever talks, and having a lot of newspapers and books around may all be part of a couple’s life. In this union, the pair may love chatting, disputing, and debating with one another, as well as sharing a variety of hobbies and diversions. They both like learning and sharing with one another, and they will continue to improve in areas of intellectual interaction. They may place a high value on socialising and networking in their daily lives. Some persons who have the Sun in Gemini’s house have even expressed feelings of being twins or siblings with a partner. Conversations are essential in this connection, and it is essential that communication lines are continually open.

Sun in 4th house

In this connection, a strong emphasis on the home is important. Because the Sun is positioned in the centre of the home, there is a strong sense of communal care for family and kin. Because the pair may have shared a common familial history, there may be a strong sense of familiarity between them both. Both families may have a significant influence on the connection, with the emphasis being on caring, feeding, and giving. It’s possible that this couple is concerned about their safety as well, and, as with the 2nd house, there is an overarching purpose geared at providing security. Home is important to them, and the connection may make them desire to settle down and start a family of their own.

Sun in 5th house

A strong passionate and dramatic pair who place a huge emphasis on their children and their combined creative abilities. In order to make the most use of this energy, couples should pay close attention to their love relationship and help each other realise their full creative potential. They may both be artists, or they may both have a passion for youth. They may operate in artistic industries where the ability to express oneself freely is essential. Both like having fun and creating drama in their life together, and they may be a pair who enjoys attracting attention. Others take note of their powerful, theatrical style, and they love pleasure-seeking activities as a pair, including: Partying, hobbies, sports, art, and entertainment are all things that they like doing together.

Sun in 6th house

The relationship is mostly concerned with assisting others or collaborating. “The composite Sun does not radiate as brightly as it does on the composite MC or Ascendant,” adds Liz Greene. In most cases, the vitality of the connection permeates into everyday life. The composite Sun necessitates the ability to be present in the moment. The heart of the connection is devoted to serving others in some practical capacity. It is regarded as the home of healing, and the connection may be able to help not just others but also the pair themselves heal from their past experiences. Additionally, there may be a common appreciation for expertise and craftsmanship. Keep in mind that the 6th house is not always filled with dreary obligations; after all, it is Mercury’s native house. With the composite Sun in the 6th house, it denotes a partnership that needs to contribute to the betterment of society. When compared to the composite Sun in the 10th house, it is less concerned with having a long-lasting effect on the world, but rather with finding enormous delight in working together to make everyday life better and more meaningful.”