Neptune – The Sea

Neptune - The Sea

The Sea (Neptune) is the summoning up of overwhelming emotions, unconscious feelings, and is symbolic of the infinite dangers of the ocean. The ocean is one of the most powerful elements on earth and signifies the dangers unleashed when the forces sleeping under the surface of unconsciousness erupt. We need only think of the powerful moods of ‘The Sea’ – its enormous depth, turbulence and crashing waves that indiscriminately destroy everything in its path to understanding the nature of this bright azure blue planet.

Water and emotions are linked symbolically and just below the surface, lie the emotions and memories that have been buried. Anyone powerfully influenced by Neptune in the horoscope has access to these watery depths and plunge deeply into the sea for long periods. The individual will possess the ability to go deeply into the realm of feeling and emotions, and gain access to whatever is down there. The oceanic world is a symbol of great beauty, sorrow, and represents places so deep and dark that clear vision is no longer possible, and one can only dimly sense what is there. The sea has a sense of vastness, profoundness, depth, far greater than one can ever plumb or fully know, and this is also the nature of Neptune.

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