Venus Conjunct Pluto: The Love You Can’t Escape

When Venus is conjunct Pluto, it’s like a magnet for intense relationships. It’s as if love is constantly whispering, “Hey, let’s dive deep and see what we find!” Venus-Pluto is the type that enjoys embarking on convoluted, chaotic, and occasionally agonising romantic entanglements, requiring copious amounts of emotional stamina. It summons forth a potent elixir of love, blending together the finest essences of romance, scorching passion, bitter animosity, and lingering grudges. You bet it, the elusive and powerful relationships that have the potential to alter the course of one’s existence. They tend to be lurking in the deck, just waiting to be dealt. In the celestial realm of astrology, Venus reigns supreme over the scandalously seductive realm of erotically charged love affairs. Dearest Pluto, the ruler of the underworld, is where the clandestine forces of nature dance their  tango of demise and rebirth. Quite the enticing drama, wouldn’t you agree? Venus, the cosmic flirt, irresistibly pulled towards Pluto’s brooding and ominous domain. It’s full of attraction and danger, where darkness and mystery intertwine. It’s a tale as old as time, my friend, wouldn’t you agree?

Venus conjunct Pluto may begin to wonder what all of this unflinching passion is leading towards. The person is urged to see beyond the surface layers and right into the soul underneath of any kind of partnership. When it comes to relationships, it’s like peeling an onion – the deeper you go, the more tears you shed. It’s all about those intense emotions, dramatic entanglements, and epic showdowns. The Plutonian areas of  our chart is where we stash all our hidden, repressed goodies. It’s like stumbling into Freud’s wildest dreams! In this celestial realm, the potential for a love transformation awaits. Pluto’s aspects in the chart depict an area where there will be the greatest feeling of force encountered. There is a powerful drive in the psyche towards a specific goal or a series of events that the individual has no power over. It seems we humans are but mere passengers on the rollercoaster of fate, careening through a series of events that mock our feeble attempts at control.

The deeper aspects of relating have more importance than its surface contents, choosing to express itself through powerful passions, all-consuming involvements, and violent confrontations. When it comes to relationships, takes you on an intense ride of emotions. It can take you to cloud nine, leaving you feeling absolutely giddy and intoxicated with love. But beware, because it can also send you spiraling down into the depths of despair. Despite Venus-Pluto’s efforts, they can be emotionally difficult to satisfy owing to an insatiable quality. Try as you might, but it’s like trying to fill a bottomless emotional pit with satisfaction.

Venus conjunct Pluto

If you have Venus conjunct Pluto on the birth chart! Brace yourself for a whirlwind of jealousy and a burning desire to love with all-consuming passion. It’s the eternal quest for that intoxicating blend of admiration, adoration, and desire. The pursuit of romantic, passionate, psychological closeness and intimacy in any union is a noble endeavour indeed. In relationships, it’s like a game of exclusivity, where fate and desire collide, creating a whirlwind of merging, trespassing, and oh-so-destructive cycles. One will find that in their relationships it is a delicate dance of imbalance, a thrilling power-struggle, and a demanding quest for greater commitment and love. Venus-Pluto individuals are masters of emotional depth, forever hungry for a feast of profound feelings. If a relationship starts feeling shallow, it’s only natural for them to start eyeing others who offer a deep-sea diving experience. Little do these unsuspecting souls know, their mere presence has the power to awaken profound reactions in others, causing them to be irresistibly drawn to their charms, both in a magnetic and, dare I say, saucy way. Truly, the pursuit of romantic and psychological closeness knows no bounds! It’s a delicate balance of exclusivity, fate, and the occasional trespassing into their lover’s life.

However, it should be remembered that Pluto, like any astrological factor has polarities; what may at one time be extremely negative may in a short time become transformed into an extremely positive mode of expression. And, specifically in relation to Pluto, it is impossible for us to know the ultimate outcome of various types of behaviour or experience which may seem at first glance to be quite negative. For Pluto always wants to penetrate into the depths of experience, to delve into the core of meaning underlying surface appearances, and to confront all manner of experience ruthless and intensely. Astrology, Karma & Transformation: The Inner Dimensions of the Birth Chart

If you’ve delved into the vast realm of psychological wisdom penned by Liz Greene, you shall undoubtedly be acquainted with the notion that certain facets of your interpersonal connections might be venturing into the shadiest corners of existence. A love-life where mental illness, violence, emotional abuse, manipulation of feelings, dominating tendencies, and lustful attractions can all come together for a truly illuminating experience. It’s the appeal of the psychologically unstable companion; you’re drawn to them like a moth to a flame. It seems some of you have a knack for unconsciously selecting them, as if you’re on a mission to solve all their problems. Oh and let’s not forget the delightful cocktail of feeling overwhelmed, powerless, and being swept away by savage emotions in the realm of love may make its grand entrance. Alas, it seems that one must embark on this grand adventure, complete with all its necessary components, in order to truly delve into the depths of one’s soul and embrace the true essence of love.

When Venus and Pluto decides to cosy up in conjunction, you know it’s going to be a love affair that leaves you pleasantly intoxicated with love, while every relationship has got some serious transformation mojo going on. It’s like the deepest love, with a side of mysterious undertones. Prepare yourself for undeniable passions, compulsions, and needs. When Venus and Pluto come together in the natal chart, they don’t just settle for ordinary partnerships – they go all-in, like a love affair that devours everything in its path. It’s like signing up for a crash course in emotional turbulence!

As always, especially with hard aspects, the problem is usually to do with ‘letting go’. The Venus-Pluto individual needs to trust that another person will really love them – and all of them, not just their beauty, their sex-appeal, their power or their money. The lesson for the type is often to learn to risk going the other person enough space to find out if they really do care, enough space to discover if they really will hang around even if they don’t have to. Aspects in Astrology: A Guide to Understanding Planetary Relationships in the Horoscope