Venus Conjunct Pluto: Soul Mate Synastry: Lethal Cocktail

Venus conjunct pluto A person with Venus conjunct Pluto is attracted to relationships full of depth, and will often find that the undercurrents of love are always bubbling underneath demanding to be expressed. The type can be drawn into tortuous, messy and often painful relationships, demanding a great deal of emotional energy.

The heady perfume of this combination – Venus conjunct Pluto – attracts the lethal cocktail of love – involving a mix of romance, highly erotic passion, hate, and resentment. Potent relationships, the kind that changes a life forever are often somewhere on the cards. Involvement in a deep and sometimes dangerous relationship is one possibility of this aspect.

Venus in astrology rules erotically charged love affairs. Pluto rules the  underworld, and so we see the secret forces of nature, the cycles of death and renewal entwining themselves around the relationship. Venus is often magnetically drawn to Pluto’s realm of darkness, menacing and threatening presence. The attraction of a strong, intense and dark love is common.

Venus conjunct Pluto may begin to wonder what all of this unflinching passion is leading towards. The person is urged to see beyond the surface layers and right into the soul underneath of any kind of partnership. Venus-Pluto is drawn to the taboo in relationships and anything forbidden. Pluto is where we carry all of the unconscious, repressed, shadow material, and we are led straight into a Freudian territory; it is in this realm where the possibility of a transformation can occur.

Pluto’s aspects in the chart depict an area where there will be the greatest feeling of force encountered. There is a powerful drive in the psyche towards a specific goal or a series of events that the individual has no control over. The deeper aspects of relating have more importance than its surface contents, choosing to express itself through powerful passions, all-consuming involvements, and violent confrontations. Pluto in relationships can scale the highs and lows of romance, feeling intoxicated and ecstatic, but also sliding down into darker depths of relating. Despite their efforts, they can be emotionally difficult to satisfy owing to an insatiable quality.

Venus conjunct Pluto

Venus-Pluto contacts on the birth chart are prone to jealous interactions, and there is the need to love intensely and completely. The admiration, adoration and desire for romantic, passionate, psychological closeness and intimacy in any union is sought. Furthermore, there is also the need for exclusivity of the individual’s time and energy poured into the desired relationship, mixing elements of fate, merging, trespassing, and mutually destructive cycles.

The relationship may reflect an imbalance, power-struggle, and demand greater commitment and love. If the relationship no longer provides the depth needed, they will be attracted to others that provide a deeper bond. Unknowingly, the individual arouses deep responses in others finding their charms magnetic, sexual, and irresistible.

Those with Venus conjunct Pluto often possess a dramatic, artistic expression, intensifying the appreciation of art and transformation. The symbols of love and power are combined and no force in life will be more powerful than love.

However, it should be remembered that Pluto, like any astrological factor has polarities; what may at one time be extremely negative may in a short time become transformed into an extremely positive mode of expression. And, specifically in relation to Pluto, it is impossible for us to know the ultimate outcome of various types of behaviour or experience which may seem at first glance to be quite negative. For Pluto always wants to penetrate into the depths of experience, to delve into the core of meaning underlying surface appearances, and to confront all manner of experience ruthless and intensely. Astrology, Karma & Transformation: The Inner Dimensions of the Birth Chart

A clinging and overly possessive nature can lead to smother-love. Mental illness, violence, emotional abuse, manipulation of feelings, dominating, and lustful attractions could also feature in the love-life. The total feeling of being overwhelmed, powerless, experiencing savage emotions in the sphere of love could enter the picture. However, it involves all of this as a necessity in order to deepen values and face one’s own depths through the act of love.

Venus conjunct Pluto is the powerful intoxication of being loved, and every relationship is imbued with an intelligent purposefulness. Pluto’s energy of transformation will work at changing relationships, values, and everything they desire. Venus-Pluto could get involved in all-consuming partnerships, consuming love affairs, and the way one loves has deeper undertones. Those with this contact often unconsciously choose a psychologically troubled partner with problems to work out and we are confronted with undeniable passions, compulsions, and needs.

As always, especially with hard aspects, the problem is usually to do with ‘letting go’. The Venus-Pluto individual needs to trust that another person will really love them – and all of them, not just their beauty, their sex-appeal, their power or their money. The lesson for the type is often to learn to risk going the other person enough space to find out if they really do care, enough space to discover if they really will hang around even if they don’t have to. Aspects in Astrology: A Guide to Understanding Planetary Relationships in the Horoscope