Moon Conjunct Square Opposite Jupiter

An individual with the Moon conjunct, opposite or square Jupiter possesses emotions that are expansive, kind and giving. Frequently it is descriptive of a person with an innate faith, generosity and a goodness inside. They can also be beneficial, supportive, and helpful to others offering a large amount of personal support. On an emotional level, feelings tend to reach out into the universal. Sympathies are broader, and even though they feel connected to close family, they also feel a larger connection with other cultures,the whole world and the cosmos.

Moon-Jupiter tends to feel an outgrowth of positive emotions like love, joy and gratitude. This inner expansive attitude seeks out more and more perspectives and generally takes a philosophical approach to life with a powerful need to explore. Something in the background will show a connection to other countries, religion and family somewhere else. The person could also forever feel a sense of inner restlessness, but usually there is plenty of enthusiasm on the home front.

It can be found that such optimism of life can bring problems when they are blind to reality. The contact generally needs more of the lunar aspect of life and this can mean reacting quite dramatically to their past, family, and feelings around security. This can symbolize an excessive appetite for food, need for security and nurturing. It can mean over-eating, over indulging, and even over-spending.  The individual has a great wealth of emotion; they naturally look for the positive even in a bad situation and feels open to new experiences; open to sharing; open to relating with others and possesses a contagious love of life.

The person is often excessively emotional, and everything about the Moon profile is greatly emphasized for better or worse. It all depends on the other chart factors; the type generally tends to over-react to anything emotionally stimulating. The Moon is always a fascinating aspect of a human being and the “same situation” can be reacted to and interpreted in many different ways. Emotions are said to direct and colour our experience and not everything is emotionally significant to us. The Moon-Jupiter individual emotionally reacts and responds to events possessing meaning and significance. Psychologists believe that the meaning of something is essential to its understanding. Also noting, those that look for such validity are usually seen as the type of person that considers the benefits of negative experiences in life.

Intellectually, they posses a glass half full perspective and this gives the individual a sense of purpose and belief in the value of life. The person may use religion or spirituality to cope with events that are threatening. They could believe in the “everything happens for a reason” school of thought. The person may see things as wonderful gifts, hidden opportunities, or life-enhancing lessons. However, all of the “meaning” in the world will never justify a tragic loss, and it isn’t about evening the score for what has been lost. With Moon-Jupiter’s kind of faith, there is a strong belief that even with a loss there is some good to be found somewhere; they often strive to find that reason when their world seems to have fallen apart.

Moon- Jupiter may feel the need to join religious groups, those involved with higher learning, charitable or political organisations. Often there is a strong need to teach, spread knowledge, enjoy outdoor activities, exploration and travel. The person is good-humored and needs to see life for its humorous side. The emotions are enlarged and their nature is usually helpful. It may also reveal a well-loved individual, and it stimulates warm responses from others. The aspect can show popularity, it can also represent large homes, family, and someone who is hospitable and friendly to all.