Jupiter Conjunct, Square, Opposite Pluto

Jupiter conjunct square or opposite Pluto can indicate a bottomless well of emotional fortitude, it may also usher in life’s highs and lows to the extreme, so you might end up on a rollercoaster of good and bad luck. Looks like Pluto is trying to be a real overachiever and get involved in everything Jupiter has to offer – from hitting the books to hitting the road, from praying to pondering the meaning of life, and from seeking knowledge to seeking out new perspectives. If you’re a Jupiter-Pluto individual, you know that the universe is full of hidden meanings and patterns just waiting to be uncovered. You’re always on the lookout for the deeper truths that lie beneath the surface, and you’re not afraid to dig deep to find them. The capacity for self-improvement is usually imposed upon you at some time, and then you may be drawn to psychology, self-help, or the occult as an aid to unlock your full potential. When you realise you need to improve yourself, it’s like a divine intervention – except instead of angels singing, you hear the faint sound of a self-help audiobook playing in the background. And suddenly, you find yourself knee-deep in psychology books and tarot cards, wondering how you got here.

You may find yourself doing a lot of soul-searching and questioning your beliefs and values if Jupiter and Pluto are in close contact to one another. You’re like a knowledge-hungry monster, always devouring information and tearing apart ideas until you reach an impenetrable understanding of it. If you have a Jupiter-Pluto combination on your birth chart, you dig deep into any subject and unearth a wealth of knowledge, emerging with an in-depth understanding. Just don’t forget to come up for air every once in a while! With a Jupiter-Pluto aspect in your natal chart you are among the most curious and ambitious people on the planet, and you have a strong desire to uncover the meaning of life’s greatest mysteries. You are drawn to the hidden depths of things, the mysteries of existence, the unexpected twists and turns of life, and the longing to understand the ever-shifting fortunes of mankind.

Jeff Green, Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, describes Jupiter-Pluto aspects as being drawn towards an intuitive “sixth sense”- you have become aware of the larger social and universal forces that make-up the underlying natural principles or laws that are the foundation of creation. Heavy stuff! You can have a deep and unwavering belief in the existence of a higher power, but you’re not afraid to give Him the third degree. On the other hand, doubting the existence of a God and then challenging the beliefs of others by arguing that there must be no protective force because of all the misery in the world. It’s understandable, as you can put your faith in something, imbuing it with immense significance and importance in your life, just to have the rug abruptly yanked out from under you.

Well, it looks like someone’s playing a game of “hide and seek” with God. And when they couldn’t find Him, they decided to rain on everyone else’s parade by saying, “Hey, if I can’t have a protector, no one can!” Classic case of misery loves company, am I right?

Since there are conflicting perspectives, attitudes, and viewpoints built into this kind of planetary interaction on your birth chart, it’s easy to feel betrayed and hopeless, and finding a balance can be tricky. Jupiter can increase your intensity in focus, enhance your belief in the existence of fated events, and insights into life. But be warned, with Pluto in the mix, you might turn into a savage hunter, ready to tear down anything Jupiter believes in. So, keep your chill and don’t let your inner beast take over! Of all the planetary energies, Jupiter-Pluto is one of those aspects that has massive potential for growth in whatever area it is directed. The healing power can be magnified on the spiritual, mental, emotional or physical planes. Moreover, it can indicate the enormous drive to achieve something extraordinary, something big and to be a powerful individual. Often there is an immense amount of energy and investment put into their pursuits.

Neither Jupiter nor Pluto does things by halves, and when the two planets are linked…we go to extremes – we can’t read enough, we can’t study enough, we can’t devote ourselves enough…There is an urgency, a pressing need to probe the ‘whys and wherefores ‘of existence, to find the truth and to live it…Jupiter is also associated with travel and long journeys…and traveling could entail facing danger, intrigue, risk or even a life-death situation. However, rather than an actual physical death…it is more likely to manifest in our going through a psychological death and rebirth; our whole lives and way of seeing the world could be drastically changed by a journey we make. The Gods of Change: Pain, Crisis, and the Transits of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (Contemporary Astrology)

You have a strong conviction that you will become extremely wealthy, and as a result, your expectations are often fulfilled. Alternatively, if you decide to go all-in with a devil-may-care attitude and a cult-like devotion, plus biting off more than you can chew, you might end up with a colossal flop and a complete absence of wealth, enlightenment, or purpose. Yikes! And as you all know, being “loaded” in life can come in many forms, from having a bank account that’s stacked to having a mind that’s jacked, or even just having a heart that’s full of love. It all depends on what kind of “good life” you’re trying to live.

Your Jupiter-Pluto aspects can bring about positive or negative transformations in your life, depending on whether your desires grow too large and cause a loss of perspective or clash with authorities, religion, the outside world, society, or take on more than you can reasonably handle.  Pluto’s aspects to other planets indicate a desire for personal growth and rebirth in relation to the themes represented by those planets. It represents a challenge that you must meet head-on since it is essential to your growth. Also, it may be demanding, compulsive, or obsessive, compelling you to investigate the phenomenon of life in greater depth. You may have a profound spiritual, psychic, or supernatural experience that piques your interest in metaphysics, occultism, psychism, the tarot, astrology, and other areas of study. Suddenly, you’ll feel like an immortal being with all the power and knowledge to conquer the universe, and it gives you the confidence to put your new found powers to good use.