Jupiter Conjunct, Square, Opposite Pluto

tumblr_mi2ey37oYe1s3udjoo1_500Those with Jupiter conjunct, square or opposite Pluto can often experience remarkable ups and downs in life. The aspect can reflect a large storehouse of emotional power. Pluto fixes itself in all Jupiterian areas of knowledge such as teaching, travel, religion, philosophy, truth, and larger understanding.

The ability for self-improvement is usually forcefully impressed onto the personality and they may be attracted to psychology, self-help, or the occult. Jupiter-Pluto has the ability to see several layers behind the surface. The person is always seeking meaning, symbols and searching for patterns in the universe.

With Jupiter-Pluto contacts, there is an intense examining at times when they are engaged passionately in a study, philosophizing, thinking about theology, divinity, and higher learning. An insatiable need to acquire more knowledge and penetrate into the core of life is usually evident. This person fully researches an area of interest and does this by tearing down and rebuilding, until arriving at an impenetrable understanding. Jupiter-Pluto reaches to the bottom of any subject, and can achieve a deep level of knowledge about a particular topic.

As stated, Jupiter-Pluto contacts are the most exceptional for research and they have such large ambition. There can be an interest in life’s mysteries a deep searching for the answers to the very meaning of life. They are attracted to the profound and cryptic layers of the world, those unknown, unseen patterns of existence, the sudden turns of life, and longing to know man’s changing fortunes in every sense of the word. The wheel of destiny carried within each individual is of great interest. Jeff Green Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, Volume 1 (Llewellyn Modern Astrology Library) describes Jupiter-Pluto aspects as being drawn towards an intuitive “sixth sense”- these individuals have become aware of the larger social/universal forces that constitute the underlying natural principle or laws that are the foundation of creation.

The Jupiter-Pluto individual questions every ideology and takes nothing at face value. There could be a watertight belief that there is a God. Conversely, questioning if there is a god at all, and then challenging the views of others by using the pain and suffering of the world as a reason that there must be no protective force. The individual can also trust in something giving it extreme magnitude and high value in life, only to have the rug pulled from underneath their feet. Consequently, feeling a sense of betrayal and having nothing left to believe. Finding the middle way is difficult since there are challenging views, attitudes and opinions inherent in this contact. People will often oppose or try to tear down whatever it is Jupiter-Pluto chooses to have faith in, or attack their knowledge and expertise within a specific field.

Of all the planetary energies, Jupiter-Pluto is one of those aspects that has massive potential for growth in whatever area it is directed. The healing power can be magnified on the spiritual, mental, emotional or physical planes. Moreover, it can indicate the enormous drive to achieve something extraordinary, something big and to be a powerful person. Often there is an immense amount of energy and investment put into their pursuits.

Neither Jupiter nor Pluto does things by halves, and when the two planets are linked…we go to extremes – we can’t read enough, we can’t study enough, we can’t devote ourselves enough…There is an urgency, a pressing need to probe the ‘whys and wherefores ‘of existence, to find the truth and to live it…Jupiter is also associated with travel and long journeys…and traveling could entail facing danger, intrigue, risk or even a life-death situation. However, rather than an actual physical death…it is more likely to manifest in our going through a psychological death and rebirth; our whole lives and way of seeing the world could be drastically changed by a journey we make. The Gods of Change: Pain, Crisis, and the Transits of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (Contemporary Astrology)

Jupiter-Pluto aspects are associated with life changing experiences and sometimes this is individual or related to groups or to societal upheavals. The change can be positive or equally destructive and present when desires become so large that it leads to losses and confrontations with external forces- authorities, religion, something abroad, society, taking on substantially more than one can handle. A deep need within to transform exists. Pluto aspects to a planet show a need to increase insight and to have re-birth, with respect to what is symbolized by the other planet. It is usually regarded as highly necessary for one’s evolution, symbolizing something he or she must face with full intensity. Moreover, it can be demanding, compulsive, and obsessive – forcing the person to gain a deeper examination of that area of life.

With its potentially lucrative ability to use the enormous resources at their disposal with Jupiter and Pluto, enthusiasm is intensified and the person may experience a spiritual, psychic or supernatural event that may have led them into the area of metaphysics, occultism, and psychism and has drawn them towards the tarot, astrology or other areas of premonition.

The individual often believes wholeheartedly that he or she will obtain extreme wealth at some point. Often the Universe assists, but there are also times when things go horribly wrong on a massive scale. A lot of wealth can be lost through careless financial risks and a fanatical attitude, or through overextending themselves on credit. Sometimes the same fanatical attitude and large ambition result in becoming rich and having those desires fulfilled. As we all know ”wealth” in life can exist on various levels, and all across the elements viewed through its spiritual, mental, material, and inner dimensions depending on what type of ‘rich life’ the individual is following.