Leo the Lion

1330531Leo’s task is to enhance creativity and to strive towards the greatest possible degree of self-expression. The need to partake in the process of life is powerful, and must be enacted out in some way. Under this sign, we see the truly great leaders and rulers with the power to vitalize and inspire others. It has always been emphasized through many astrology writers that it is Leo’s essence that matters rather than anything accomplished.

The fire of this sign expresses itself through a fixed quality, giving the fiery energy more staying power. The emotions are intensified revealing a strong need for affection. The individual must obey the dictates of the heart and follow its guidance in creating an authentic life. Such a soul gravitates towards a life which is meaningful and they see everything in the fullest way and completely. The individual is passionate and invests the entire self into some kind of a purpose, no one burns as intensely, nobody feels love as wholeheartedly; there must be a deep sincerity in whatever activity is undertaken.

In the history of the constellation of Leo, it was represented by the Great Dog, and it eventually became a Lion, but it is still all something of a mystery. The origin of the zodiac is an unsolved matter. As stated in the Philosophy of Astrology, the twelve zodiac signs were something humans projected onto the night sky.

The story goes that the earl Greek Shepherds would lie on their backs at night and gaze up into the sky while tending their flocks. The brightest stars seemed to make patterns in a band of space that the planets travel in their orbit around the Sun called the ecliptic. This band of space was divided into twelve sections and named after the figures of their favorite legends. These myths were projected out onto the heavens as a product of the human mind. Planets are objective; the signs of the zodiac subjective, and they are not considered to have any a cause-effect relationship. By James Hammelton

Leo the Lion – For Mine is the Kingdom

480px-Sun_symbol.svgIn Latin, Leo means lion and is a ‘royal sign -“For mine is the kingdom the power and the glory.” The sign is ruled by the Sun the visible life-force which also corresponds to images of wholeness and completeness. The circle, which is the embodiment of geometrical perfection: smooth everywhere, harmonious, and asymmetric, has been described as the ”window opening up to eternity.” Light is life and leads us towards divinity, thus, the solar aspects of our being are often thought as an expression of God. The Sun is the “star in man” and Leo natives pour out their radiant energy. The beastly nature of the sign has undergone some criticism and attributes Leo’s senseless pride as representing the totally egocentric beginning of the unique individuality.

The fixed element of their nature represents the unchanging quality and permanence of a sense of ‘me.’ Something evident when a person is powerfully whole and possesses the strength of being an individual. The spirit, accordingly, gains the invincible gift of being less hurt by the criticism and slights of others. The dot at the center is the indestructible force of a strong heart. In a sense, Leo is reclaiming one’s birthright and aligning their energy with the magnetic solar power and journeying towards the nobler self and towards the light of true gold.

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