Moon Sextile Venus

moon sextile venus Moon Sextile Venus 

An individual with Moon sextile Venus possesses a lovely and positive aspect. It is comparable to that of an English Rose. Inside, they possess an innate understanding of how to compromise, express loving affection, and create peaceful surroundings. The soul contains a soft and loving pocket of feelings, and this is usually someone who hates to disturb the equilibrium.

Moon-Venus has the ability to blend family and loving relationships into a harmonious balance.  It can also be beneficial for family, domestic affairs, and everyday situations. Such a contact is more passive and easy-going. With plenty of affectionate understanding, they dislike conflict and misunderstandings. They have a lot of appeal and hold plenty of understanding, making them charming and thoughtful. They are intensely mindful of their requirement for relations and familiarity.

There is a definite sensitive appreciation for art and beauty. Moon sextile Venus adds a softer touch to the personality with aesthetic senses and feeling; loveliness and sensitivity; exquisiteness and compassion; attractiveness and sympathy. Although they can function as a magnet, drawing others toward them, the person is appreciated for their artistic instincts and innate knowing of what pleases on a sensory level.

Moon sextile Venus is a nice aspect for social activities. Pleasantness is a typical characteristic and there is something of a serene and compliant nature about them, a natural charm is usually apparent. Extremely creative and caring, these persons make outstanding peacekeepers and agents. Moon-Venus will have a powerful connection with the qualities of the feminine. In this way, it is thought men can be usually popular with women, as they seem to be in touch with their romantic, kindly nature in a most unconscious way. Either sex is valued for their loving and devoted nature. They are able to experience their inner goddess and many feel it is a pleasure to be in their company. They are often like a mirror reflecting the needs of others and are desirous for their ability to unconsciously tap into what others secretly desire.

Moon Sextile Venus: Popularity and Attraction


moon sextile venus
Moon sextile Venus is  something of a ‘sweet spot’ in the horoscope

The person with Moon sextile Venus always remains aware of the needs of others; they express themselves tactfully, cooperate easily and maintain smooth and comfortable interactions. There is such peacefulness, and it might not be overly apparent, but those close to the person will certainly experience this sweet spot. It can sometimes make it challenging for the individual to accept conflict, and with such an interest in people, they can develop skills in counseling or public relations work.

Unless challenged, Moon sextile Venus can promise a decent amount of individual popularity and achievement. Although commonly considered “blessed” with affairs and with money. This is less about a major windfall than it is about a certain level of inner peace which sends out a positive vibration and seems to attract goodness back, in the like-attracts-like law of the universe. The only thing to keep a watchful eye over is a propensity to be somewhat self-satisfied, over indulging in the pleasure, over-pampering, along with an over-appreciation for beautiful things and possessions.

The aspect sometimes seeks the easy route, however, this shouldn’t prove to be a massive problem. The individual should not always expect a rose to bloom and await life without challenge. This would be an overstatement for a pleasant contact, and there is bound to be more challenging aspects in the horoscope. Many times, beneficial aspects have a tendency to expect things to come to them without much effort, perhaps trusting excessively on inner-appeal.

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