Moon Sextile Jupiter

moon sextile jupiterAn individual with Moon sextile Jupiter has an inner teacher, guide, philosophical energy, and is someone who is naturally intelligent. A Moon-Jupiter personality veers towards the uplifting, spiritual and is vastly colorful, especially in regards to the interior of their being. Moreover, they have a constant mental curiosity and will enjoy journeying into academic realms, wandering the plains of super-understanding, whilst perceiving everything in a larger framework. This contact can enable them to absorb large quantities of information, such as, having the ability to ponder many theories.

In their personal life, they offer protective guidance towards their nearest and dearest and are often filled with meaningful anecdotes, wonderful stories which uplift and re-align the family with a sense of deeper significance. Hence, they apply their insights to enrich the lives of others, encouraging them towards freedom to follow their truths. Whenever possible the individual follows a purpose they fully believe. With this is mind, the softer aspect it is unlikely the individual will overextend the self, or make empty promises; they simply have faith in the future. Moreover, there is also an abundance of inner wealth to carry them through all of their mystical voyages. In summary, Moon sextile Jupiter is gifted in areas involving education, they further the developments of others, while expanding their own inner eye of spontaneous and intuitive capabilities.

The soul also likes to engage in the emotional world to the fullest and longs to feel everything to its full benefit. Many will find that they possess talents in dealing with the public, engaging in teaching, generally imbuing a tone of positivity, optimism, and hope. Some of them are drawn to publishing, religious pursuits or travel, anything containing the chance to express joy in finding something special, even if this means ceaseless wandering, they love to discover something – the next big thing.

Moon sextile Jupiter may sometimes react with excessive emotions, but usually, the expansiveness of feeling is healthily balanced and less extreme. However, there is nothing wrong with an enlarged sense of mood and they often have intense bursts of excitement. However, this also tends to make them incredibly generous; they are plentiful with their emotional gifts, creative ability, showing an ease in attracting good fortune. Sometimes this giving nature is detrimental when coming into contact with people who always want to take everything, especially when they don’t deserve it.

With Moon-Jupiter there can be an avoidance of the darker aspects of life, choosing to only believe in the good. Naturally this is not a bad thing, just as long as they maintain some realism to balance the optimism. A person with Moon sextile Jupiter must be careful of a little over-indulgence, for Jupiter takes pleasure in food, drink, and good living. Also, try not to seek escape from responsibility too regularly, still, they are great at promoting other people and seem to always find themselves in the company of successful folks. A benevolent nature brings advantages into the home life, personal affairs, and private sphere. By and large, an enormous sense of well-being contributes to the enhancement of everyday affairs.