sun opposite moon aspect

Sun Opposite Moon Aspect

sun opposite moon aspect

The Sun opposite Moon aspect in the natal chart represents a distinct pull between two great forces. On the one hand, we have the life expressive, futuristic, and individual part of the personality (Sun). On the other hand, we have the soulful, reflective and nurturing part of the personality (Moon). What it involves astrologically is the two most vital principles in astrology, so we are talking here about the king and queen, mother and father, the left and right eye.

This opposition between these two great luminaries embodies the great polarity of day and night. Psychologically, the Sun and Moon are symbolic of a representation of the conscious and unconscious of any individual. Solar and Lunar are emblematic of both sides of an individual’s inner and outer world. When the Sun is opposite to the Moon, in essence, the person comes to know well this internal struggle.

Sun and Moon Split


The individual with the Sun opposite Moon in aspect can incline towards a good amount of indecision and constant split; so, for the most part, the person is pulled towards the past (Moon) whilst there is also a self-expressive urge to move into a future direction (Sun).

With the Sun opposition Moon a “tug of war” is happening between the inner being and outer being. In Western astrology, the Sun plays an illustrious role and has a decidedly central part in the process of individuation. Contrariwise, in the East the Moon holds a more important role reflecting the culture of family, ancestral ties and our roots. With the Sun opposite Moon in aspect. As far as the individual’s psychology is concerned, they are both just as powerful in the horoscope. The Moon rules the habitual part of life and everything unconscious while the Sun governs our conscious thought and actions. The Moon will always stand for all of our automated responses to life, and the Sun will reflect an identity crisis at certain times in our growth.

Astrologers use the phases of the Moon an individual was born under to further glimpse additional nuances of the personality. According to Dane Rudyhar, the Full Moon at birth would make the individual a receptacle for illuminating “visions” and with a symbolic expression to fulfill the past, along with a sense of being divorced from reality and divided against oneself.

Sun opposite Moon Aspect


The Sun opposite Moon can play out in married life and reveals itself through conflicting values, or it will show family conflict with the parent’s engaged in some kind of a power struggle. The differences in the parental relationship don’t have to reflect in an overt way, it can be as much as in a personality difference, not seeing eye to eye on something. One parent is often the more outgoing and the other one usually prefers to be more inward looking; so, while one is engaged in the outer world, the other prefers domestic affairs. As always, there is a myriad of possibilities shown by the symbols in the horoscope. Whatever the case, there is an intense pull between the person’s feelings and their conscious goals. The individual may fear being overwhelmed with feelings and the life may involve all kinds of polarization of some sort in relationships, and in any other areas as indicated by the house positions of the luminaries.

The “Lights” (Sun and Moon) were commonly referred to in ancient times as representative of the two basic factors in human experience. In appearance, the solar and lunar discs appear the same size. In actuality, the Moon is 400 times smaller than the Sun, and 400 times closer to the earth. It is this impression of them being equal, which is all that matters in the interpretation of these two magnificent symbols of human destiny bound up with the psychic nature of any man.

Sun opposition Moon: With the Sun and Moon being opposite to each other it can cause deep insecurity through this huge conflict between the ego or individual fate and the emotional sphere. The person may live out the conscious aspects of life but be chased by their shadowy nature, beckoning them back into familiar territory. The psychology of the aspect is great at perceiving both life dimensions, but it can make achieving aspirations more challenging.The Sun has been described as the fiery potential of an individual and a large storehouse of creative potential. The Moon works under the surface and is deeply connected to all of our psychological processes and subconscious messages. Essentially such an opposition reflects the past and future, and subconscious fears could be blocking the light of the Sun, and the creative urges acting one way and the subterranean part of the personality acting out in quite another.