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Astrology for Lovers

Astrology For Lovers by Liz Greene, first published in 1986.

Astrology for Lovers, is one of the best books on the twelve zodiac signs. Liz Greene probes the psychological depths and characteristics inherent in a sign’s nature. According to the author, temperament is a priori subjective nature. And included in this colorful astrological guide, is the zodiacal Myths. But what really makes this book different is that we are also treated to the shadow side of each sign, and it deliciously details Gemini’s plots and irresponsible child syndrome. Or, the guilt tripping Pisces on a power play and their dangerous passivity.

All these “nasty traits” are sugar coated with a good sense of humour, and you will laugh at your own foibles. The elements are given a full chapter of their own, with some interesting observations. For example, on water signs, she says: “charmingly infantile about the world of abstract ideas. The helpless female type of both sexes knows nothing about all that political stuff because it’s just so terribly complicated and boring. Water can be pretty irresponsible on a broad social level.”

Greene openly admits that she has been brutal on the signs, and seeks to balance the astrological view. The author points out that astrology has no morals, and you are no worse off a Scorpio than a Sagittarius, and what it is really all about is possessing a different take on life. Astrology for Lovers is an analytical, on the edge of your seat view of all twelve signs of the zodiac.

Quote from the book:

Don’t think the groupie is limited to the shadow side of the Sagittarian women. It’s not. There are as many hangers-on among the male sex in these fields as there are women; and the shadowy Sagittarian of the male variety is no more averse to using a sexual relationship with a glamorous or well known woman to get him into a position of advantage (no pun intended) than the female variety is. Having spent a couple of years working in the Hollywood recording business, I had ample opportunity to observe the groupie phenomeon. It’s observable in any profession where fame, glamour, colour and excitement are part of the show. And the really good groupies, the ones who managed to build a veritable career out of basking in somebody else’s limelight, were usually the Sagittarians. Astrology for Lovers