My First Steps into Astrology

popollkklkI was introduced to my horoscope through Russell Grant’s Astrology Kit. I received the astro-pack from my mum and dad. The Astrology kit is easy to follow, but I messed  up the chart drawings quite a few times until I got it right. The planetary positions and finding the rising degree was difficult to work out at first, along with learning and drawing the astrological symbols. I kept going and persisted with it until I finally completed a birth chart, and this was such a gratifying moment. I still have my first Astrology Kit for sentimental reasons, and get the book, cards and chart paper out from time to time.

Russell Grant is well-known astrologer in England, and is the author of various books, as well as writing newspaper columns. He has also created a Nintendo astrology game and has his own television show, so it appears the man is a mass marketing genius, and perhaps he has lots of Jupiter contacts in his natal chart. Grant is an Aquarian and he is the ambassador of the Alzheimer’s society and has poured a lot of his money into youth schemes.

Russell Grant is a  flamboyant astrologer, he dresses and speaks colourfully and can sometimes be taken less seriously. In Liz Greene’s and Juliet Burk’s “The Astrologer, the Counsellor and the Priest.” The seminar takes a look back at the history of astrology, and how to conduct astrology counselling sessions and also covers the judgements of astrologers to other practitioners in the same field.

“Having an adoring group of acolytes at ones feet can be very pleasing to a swollen Jupiter, especially if they are sexually attractive and pay well and the astrologer who identifies with this role may have more in common with the pop star and the film actor than with the doctor and psychotherapists.

Astrology has its showy side. Its representatives invariably offend those Saturnian astrologers who want very badly to be seen as respectable by the scientific community, and who may have forgotten, beneath the weight of Promethean idealism and Chironian pain, that astrology can also be great fun.

At a European astrology conference some years ago, I overheard the organisers discussing whether or not a particular famous newspaper astrologer (who shall remain nameless, but who has a Sagittarian Ascendant with Jupiter conjunct the Sun in the 1st house) should be invited to speak at the next Congress. The decision to not invite her was unanimous. The reason? Because she was too glamorous and wore low cut dresses when presenting lectures.

In a similar vein, at an analytic congress, a male analyst of my acquaintance turned up in a bright yellow sports jacket, rather like the proverbial bird of paradise amongst chickens. A pair of elderly ladies of the sober, caring type could not refrain from pointing out that such garb was unsuitable for an analyst. Jupiter run amok can sometimes immerse us in sleaze. But all work and no Jupiter makes Jack, and the astrologer a very dull boy or girl indeed”.

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  1. Hello Julie, as a fellow astrologer, I enjoyed reading your article about your beginnings in the field. Always interesting how we land there.

    The subject of synchronicity becomes more profound each day, as it seeps into every breaking moment. Life affirms us with synchronicity and alerts us with chaos these days. Following joy seems to be important, more than ever, with courage and determination to bring our joy to the planet.

    Thanks again for your wisdom, Judy

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