Venus in the 8th House

With Venus in the 8th house, you have a certain aura surrounding your sexuality and attractiveness. These seductive characteristics, which are not always obvious, represent a smouldering love nature at work beneath the surface. There will always be an aspect of the hidden force at work within you that is not consciously visible because so much tends to get buried. As a result, the shadow side of relationships is a powerful theme, and it will be in the realm of love that you will encounter the mysterious and esoteric.

Venus in this position can indicate jealousy, intensity, and magnetic attraction. Because Venus is in the house of the personal battlefield, it often indicates that relationships need to be rebalanced. Power, trust, psychological issues, and something hidden in the family background are common. You want to connect on a deeper level than most people, and you have a fascination with the darker aspects of the psyche, which draws you to deep sexual partners. You may also enjoy putting your significant other through emotional turmoil and enjoying the powerful hypnotic influence over lovers. You must recognise that while you have the ability to influence others, you may be drawn into power struggles and destructive relationships in your desire to control them.

Venus in this position moves through various emotional highs and lows, from ecstasy to despair, but what you definitely don’t want to feel is mediocrity. When Venus is coloured in a darker hue, there is a need to love in extremes in order to satisfy your essential love nature. A partner must have the emotional depth you seek, as well as something irresistible beneath the surface that isn’t always safe, which sometimes means being drawn to complicated lovers. Relationships frequently lead to crises, and only then do they feel deep and meaningful. Along with this, there is a strong sense of fate running the show, and many relationships bring a great test of loyalty, as well as possibly some loss or enormous struggle.

While a relationship crisis serves to strengthen the bond, more unconscious conflicts frequently threaten to tear you apart. Venus in the eighth house is frequently associated with a high level of commitment. When Venus is in this position, you can love with all-consuming, total devition and expect the same in return from a partner. Casual and superficial relationships are unappealing. Venus attracts you to the unconscious side of relationships, since you gravitate toward more intense and dangerous levels of engagement. In other words, you crave intense, emotional relationships and would rather have a turbulent, tumultuous relationship than one that is smooth but lacks depth.

You may have a natural ability to regenerate finances and to uncover profound depth and wisdom in your interactions on these levels. The eighth house is associated with emotional, sexual, and financial fusion. Planets in this house are concerned with life’s fundamental issues – birth, death, and sex. Intimate relationships reveal your true self, while close relationships necessitate a high level of trust and candidness. Venus’s experience in this realm of existence can occasionally result in the death of a parent at a young age or the loss of a lover or spouse. Although the experiences are not always tragic, the event will immerse Venus in the necessary intensity and depth.

In the area of relating, it is unknown what your Venus’s difficulties will entail, and astrologers only know that something will occur that will plunge Venus below the depths. A natal Venus in the house of transformation will always bring an element of death and rebirth into the realm of intimate relationships, and all aspects of love have the potential to bring about psychological transformation. Furthermore, love has the potential to be the magical potion that alters your inner values, desires, and relating style for the rest of your life.

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