Leona is Not Shy: Confession of an Aries

November 2, 2012 by No Comments

I was watching an interview of Leona Lewis talking about her new album and she was asked what the biggest misconception about her was and Leona said: “I think a big misconception is that I’m shy, cause I ‘m not shy [laughs], but I feel like people take that as sometimes being quite vulnerable, or a pushover or something. I feel like I am quite a strong person, quite strong willed, strong minded, very ambitious, and very passionate, so that’s probably the biggest misconception.”

In Leona’s horoscope she has 3 planets in Aries (Sun, Mercury and Venus) and the way in which she described herself is exactly how astrologers refer to Aries, the sign of individuality.

The Sun in the astrological chart is believed to reflect how every individual wants to express himself, and grow into what he is potentially. It is the core of the self, and if we aren’t living out those qualities described by our sign we are not being true to ourselves. The Sun represents our will and consciousness and it is the person we are growing up to be.

In many ways it describes our purpose for being here and what we want to fulfill, its chart position indicating where the power for self-expression will manifest. Aries purpose is to develop a sense of self as an individual and define themselves through the development of being independent, strong willed, and knowing their own mind.

The function of Aries in the chart is to be a pioneer, to break away, and to lead. Aries acts on their desires, and must go on a quest for self-discovery, needing freedom and independence and learning how to assert themselves in the process.

The phrase associated with this sign is I Am, and many people of this sign usually encounter some kind of fight for their right to express their identity. Aries represents beginning anew, starting over, and new ways of being. It relates to dawn, spring and sunrise. Aries is fresh ideas, projects, and movements that usually clash with the old creating all kinds of conflict.

A breakdown some of Leona’s – Aries keywords –  

Strength – Raw courage is what Aries is developing. The strength to stand alone and keep moving forward. Learning to stick up for themselves. Being strong-willed with a single purpose. It is important for them to develop their own inner strength and that comes from being true to themselves.  

Ambitious – Aries is ambitious and they pursue those goals enthusiastically. They are progressively bold, challenging and highly competitive with a driving force to reach the top, and are capable of holding their own, even the shyer type.  

Passion – Aries is a warm fire sign and they do not lack passion, and some natives have been known to rouse anger in others to achieve the kind of heat they want in relationships. These people need instant gratification of their desires, are excitable, quickly aroused, and put their heart and soul into the chase.

Shy Signs – There are shy fire signs, but you will be surprised by a show of strength, purpose, and energy once you get to know them better.

P.S I Love the new album.