Sun-Pluto in Synastry

Sun-Pluto contacts in synastry may show compulsive interactions, sexual tensions, and possibly jealousy and possessiveness. The Sun is drawn by Pluto’s depth and this kind of relationship often has a powerful and psychological impact on both people involved. This combination draws out each-others deepest feelings and ambitions. Pluto is compellingly attracted by, and sometimes possessive of the Sun’s light and personality.

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When there are difficult Sun-Pluto contacts in synastry it sometimes describes a clash of wills and power-struggles, a difficult tension between the couple that usually builds until it explodes. The relationship is life-changing and transforming, and both will undergo personality changes. Over time, unconscious battles may arise through each person’s efforts to control the other.

Sun-Pluto contacts may resemble a battleground where one attempts to change the other and it can sometimes reveal a struggle for dominance. It can be the case that couples with this contact have a volatile relationship, and the Sun sheds light on Pluto’s dark compulsions, so this is not a light and superficial interaction.

Pluto likes to get to the bottom of things and doesn’t give up. At times Pluto’s insistence on reality can be exhausting for both. Dwelling on past hurts, resentments and betrayals won’t help you both to grow and develop. Pluto contacts in synastry hold a mutual fascination for this couple and it indicates a deep attraction to one another, and often the attraction feels irrational, fated and even compulsive.

The Pluto person may have to face their unconscious motives, private fears and traumas in the course of the relationship. They experience all the Plutonian feelings, and much depends on how they handle it. The Sun finds Pluto’s intensity disturbing or controlling.

Pluto likes to tear things down which are out-grown and no longer useful and build them back up. The sun may be subjected to Pluto’s radical make-overs, and deep and permanent changes are likely to occur in both people’s perceptions of life.

This relationship offers in-depth insights into the unconscious and many transformations may occur. When the Sun is trine to Pluto there is the opportunity for transformation and growth and the couple may handle this more comfortably. The relationship is penetrating and deals with the psychological reality of the union. The couple is aiming towards a mutually empowering and transformative love.