The Sun: Finding Who You Really Are

“When you find out who you really are, that’s when you begin to live life.”  As astrologers we can probably get a bit corny trying to deliver what the Sun actually means in the horoscope. The chaotic cycle of everyday life can make it particularly hard to find the time to feel centered, find ourselves and be happy. We all want to know what path to follow and we all wonder what we should be doing, and the lucky few are living right now. The Sun’s glyph, a circle with a point in the middle, illustrates its astrological meaning: the all encompassing life force and centre of the universe.

Astrologically the Sun is about radiating one’s self out into the environment, but the hard part is knowing and then growing into the person and recognizing our inner selves. There are some big clues out there that we need to pay attention to when trying to identify who we are. One of them is doing something that fills our body with energy, life force and vitality We know this light when it radiates out from inside and we feel more alive than we have ever been. The Sun in astrology shines in golden brilliance.

All the planets revolve around the Sun, and it represents the ‘true self’ and to ignore this essential part of us allowing the world to wear us down is risking living a totally unlived, unhappy and purposeless existence. Even the thought of it may leave us imagining that we have turned to stone and a dreadfully empty feeling of being unfulfilled. The Sun is the person we identify with and its aspects colour our light and way of being in the world. Astrologer Sue Tompkins says that some people radiate like a 150 watt light bulb, whereas others get by on 40 watts. We could judge a short life of  fulfillment as better than a long, unhappy one of regret, lost dreams, and unsatisfied longings.

If right now you could be the designer and had the strength, power and energy to direct your life, what would it look like? How would it feel? What role are you cast in? Do you feel like a worthwhile person in the world?. A lot of the imagery that arises from these questions help us to connect to our true self, and create the life we want. The Sun in the horoscope is symbolic of our sense of purpose, but sometimes we give our energy away, we give up that light for others. To be oneself could threaten the security of our world, if we dare to be who we are and live by our own values. What is the point of being alive if we are bound to other people’s idea of who we should be.  We can never really be human in that sense, and individual, and unique.

We all have this eternal fire inside of us that never really goes out, and it may be overshadowed at times, blocked and restricted, but it’s there burning brightly inside. When we find out who we really are something inside of us changes forever. We are filled with warmth, there is finally a sense of connection to the world and we are living rather than existing and just trying to get through another day. It is the Sun that brings everything else in your chart together, and directs the whole. We can put all our past experiences, into something meaningful, but in every solar journey there is always a struggle to achieve this sense of being fulfilled. Though, when was anything really worth having ever won so easily.


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