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The Moon: Feeling at Home

Question: Do you feel much more at home acting out your Moon sign? The Moon is where we scuttle back to in our familiar zone of operation, and it’s like when you really need a cup of coffee, a ciggy or a tub of ice cream. The Moon is similar to that feeling at the end of the day when you can slip into comfortable clothing, hang out in your crib and just be natural. Sometimes, we like to go alone in our bedroom, doors shut, head under pillows. Overall the Moon has this homey feeling, and it symbolizes the root of the personality. It’s the ache of sentimentality and the fragile part of us; it can also be the place where everything still hurts a little. You run to your Moon and say, ‘I feel like I’ve known my whole life, nobody knows me better.’ This is also what we look for in relationships to feel at home with somebody else, to feel understood. You run to your Moon and say, ‘I feel like I’ve known my whole life, nobody knows me better.’ This is also what we look for in relationships to feel at home with somebody else, to feel understood. The Moon says it’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to feel things. The world feels so big when you’re out in the wide open, and you don’t have to give every single part away.  The Moon whispers: I know exactly what you need. The Lunar part of us is the hymn of nostalgia of cookies and milk at bedtime. The Moon is also described as our soul consciousness, and when overly needy the Moon is like the lonely woman’s fridge. Some Moons, such as the Moon in Capricorn have learned to close off their emotions and can be filled with anxiety and flaws. Or, home feels homey only if they can be strong and self-reliant. The Moon in Scorpio could be at home with turbulent emotions and this has become their habitual way of reacting. Exceptionally lunar people get heavily criticized fo this need to feel at home everywhere: Needy people are like newborns, I have come to realize. One intoxicated night and BAM! You are stuck with this problem. You finally take it home and it wants to keep you up all night and cries when it isn’t sucking on various parts of your anatomy. It wants you there for everything – rocking, feeding, burping, changing… It’s ridiculous. If I wanted a kid I would have one. Until then, grow the hell up and stand on your own two feet, you little crazy.” ― Chase Brooks However, we all have some part of us that is over-reliant and crying out for what we need, as this silvery body is our symbol of connectedness. Some astrologers argue that we shouldn’t reduce the Moon to descriptions of its moody, emotional, changeable nature, failing to see its more ancient teachings. At its core, it represents our emotional foundations and is symbolic of those first relationships we formed.  The first relationship began with our caretakers; they call this the ‘cliché of psychology’ and it’s where we learn how available and nurturing others will be when we need them. During early childhood we developed a certain style of connecting with  – and attaching to – others. How we feel safe varies for everybody, and some people with difficult Moon’s struggle to feel secure all of their lives. Also, everybody must notice how partners or children, anyone at home, keeps their tougher face outside, and, then, will usually burst home in a right mood. This is because we only feel comfortable letting our feelings out when the door is closed. Here we get to be our sad, needy self in need of comfort when the world is too harsh. The lunar side of the personality rules the inner person, the feminine, indrawn, receptive and imaginative side that can only be seen when someone knows us well. Some people feel at home only with drama, crisis, and turmoil, not that they want it. It is just what they are naturally drawn towards and feel a familiarity with, even if it is unhealthy. Many people with Moon-Pluto in aspect, for example, can deal well with all of this black stuff. Usually, past patterns of childhood repeat themselves and if it was, say, chaotic for instance, we might see Moon-Neptune in aspect still swimming around at home in the same kind of lost feelings or being dreamy, creative or over emotional….

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