Water Moons: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Moon in Cancer


The Moon in Cancer is really a sweetheart emotionally, super tender-hearted, and feels things instantly. Imaginative and dreamy, the individual has a loving, careful, and hesitant nature. The expression of emotions is rich and full and everything is experienced at the deepest and most personal level. Often the past, childhood experiences, and relationship to the mother will have impacted the soul profoundly. In this regard, there is a strong memory, especially in connection to emotional wounds and it leads to brooding and moodiness.

The stereotypical image of this zodiacal placement is The Moody Woman with a tendency of feeling easily insulted, overly sensitive, and prone to sulking. The emotional sphere is ever-changing, inclined to be receptive, nurturing, and mothering. The energy of this lunar placement is massively caring; the type is always in touch with their feelings. However, the type with this lunar placement is prone to insecurity and can feel the dark side of the unconscious, almost too powerfully. The hidden emotions surface, quickly changing the mood, leading to feelings of vulnerability, and a strong need to be secure, safe, and protected.

The Cancer Moon needs to care for others and can feel rejected if not allowed to tend to their nearest and dearest. Often there can be smother-love, but intimate lovers will adore being nestled in their nest, and protected against the harsh realities of life. Still, there can be trouble letting go emotionally, and being strongly family orientated anything cared for is basically adopted. There is a deep need for familiarity, a loving kiss, and some real understanding soothes the spirit. This amazing intuitive type of soul is the real personification of WOMAN but is easily bruised, so be extra careful not to hurt such a delicate psyche.

Moon in Scorpio


The Moon in Scorpio symbolizes a journey into darker emotional territory, but it is incredibly healing and powerful. The type displays the greatest control over emotions and seeks the most intense emotional experiences, particularly in romantic involvements becoming very jealous and possessive regarding a loved one. Be aware, this soul rarely reveals the depth of their feelings, especially if the individual feels hurt or wounded in some way. Traditionally the Moon is in fall in this fixed, watery sign, and always seems troubled by turbulent, muddy, and stagnating waters that seem to grow murkier.

The feelings can be unforgiving, vengeful, reckless, passionate, and thorough. A tendency to hold on to feelings can be the source of some of their greatest pain, for they find it hard to forgive. Still, the individual possesses an uncanny psychic ability, but it is sometimes invasive. The Scorpion Moon often prides the self on the fact that nobody knows what is really going on underneath, and the seething mass of torment. For their tight control, there is always the danger of swinging out of control emotionally. The inner emotions have always felt threatening and overwhelming in some way.

The biggest thing to overcome emotionally, is their emotional fears, specifically regarding the loss of a loved one. Also, to gain control over the power of their inner compulsions. The Scorpio Moon will often provoke drama and conflicts in order to feel their true intensity and emotion by assessing the depth of feelings of those most cared about. The Moon in this position reflects a talent for seeing through others’ facades into their real, instinctive, and true motives.

The greatest strength of this Moon will be its spirituality, emotional power, and massive regenerative abilities. Being bound to images such as the snake or spider means the type is drawn to the world of transformation and is irresistibly attracted to all taboos. This Moon is devouring, but also deeply tempting and is saturated with alluring sexuality. The individual with the Scorpion Moon is fascinated by mystery and magic and often possesses a powerful magnetizing quality.

Moon in Pisces


An individual with the Moon in Pisces is all kinds of soppy, romantic, sensitive, over-emotional, and tends to pick up on collective moods. This unfathomable, thin-skinned angel, uses self-sacrifice as a strong suit. This lunar type is also protective, tolerant, and is always understanding of everybody’s problems. With great sympathy for every living creature she often longs to bring every stray home. This placement is extremely attuned to the environment, sponging up all of the energy floating around. As this is often called the ‘hypersensitive’ Moon, it can pick up emotions easily and is amorphous with feelings that can range from the psychic to the allergic.

Pulled into a whirlpool of emotional changes from the tranquil ocean and into the stormy sea, it is like being lost in moments of madness, drowning in sorrow, and falling helplessly in love, all at the same time. This lunar placement is not always able to comprehend the thousands of emotions swimming inside, both happy and sad, symbolic of the great expansiveness of such watery feelings. Often pushed and pulled by conflicting feelings, there is also the capacity for playing the role of victim, savior, martyr, with a great sense of suffering. The type has massive empathy and sympathy for the human condition, along with the ability to put the self in the place of another and feel their pain as if it were their own. It allows for a great sense of connectedness to everybody.

Feeling adrift in the world, always searching for something, it is some ideal or transcendent state is often yearned for. A powerful need also exists for creative vision, something to uplift the soul, so with most artsy things in the world, they take to it as a fish does to the splashy stuff. The Moon in Pisces is inclined towards mystical, mediumistic, and psychic states, sensing the hidden wishes and deepest desires of others. Furthermore, there is a deep connection to the ocean with its ever-changing states – its wrath followed by calm, and in the face of vastness, the individual needs some answers to their endless questions.

A beautiful reflective state, intense feelings, and unimaginable depth take us into the lunar Piscean realm. Water is both distorting and clarifying, destructive, and healing. The Piscean Moon is spiritual ecstasy and ecstatic release from the cage of rationalization. A place of entering into dreamland and imagining but with the possession of limitless compassion and forgiveness, there is great adaptability and a tendency to fall into dependency. This mysterious soul will make the most devoted and loving companion to life, introducing others to spirituality and using their intuition and artistic nature to enhance the world we live in. This Moon is easily lost and prone to fantasy, but is the complete fairy-tale and closest to the ideal feminine image.